Pipetting in Different applications

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Variable volume air displacement single-channel pipettes

Due to their versatility and wide volume range, variable volume air displacement single-channel pipettes are the most used laboratory instruments. The same pipette can be used for multiple applications.

Multichannel pipettes

Multichannel pipettes are most commonly used in microplate applications, such as ELISA, PCR, or cell culture. Manual multichannel pipettes offer instant usability for small scale multichannel work. Multichannel pipettes are available as 8- or 12-channel versions to work with 96-well microplates, and as a 16-channel version to work with 384-well microplates.

Electronic pipettes

In applications where a lot of repetitive pipetting is performed, an electronic pipette provides a significant ergonomic benefit. Electronic pipettes are versatile laboratory workhorses that can be programmed to perform most laboratory tasks. The most commonly used function of electronic pipettes is the aliquoting of a reagent into multiple doses - multidispensing.

Multichannel electronic pipette

By using a multichannel electronic pipette and repeat dispensing modes in microplate filling, the time needed for filling the plate can be reduced from several minutes to less than a minute. Electronic pipettes offer adjustable tip spacing to increase efficiency in samples transfers to move several samples at once between different labware formats.

Serological pipettes

Serological pipettes are used in cell and tissue culture applications, and in general laboratory liquid dosage when more than 1mL volumes are pipetted. Serological pipettes are made of glass or polystyrene. Plastic, disposable pipettes are useful in applications where sterility is a requirement. Serological Pipet Fillers help to aspirate and dispense liquids accurately and with precision. The speed of both aspiration and dispensing can be adjusted separately to work with a variety of liquids.

Manual Stepper pipettes

Manual Stepper pipettes are ideal for simple repetitive tasks with a dispensing range up to 5mL. A bulk reagent dispenser is a reliable and easy tool for dispensing reagents directly from the reagent bottle. A dispenser offers speed and accuracy with no extra work steps in everyday liquid dispensing.

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