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Optimize performance with pre-programmed protocols for your pipette

The Protocol Library is an expanding collection of pre-programmed and validated
E1-ClipTip pipetting programs designed specifically for Thermo Fisher Scientific assays and kits. Now, many of your favorite Thermo Fisher Scientific assays and kits are even easier to use, with the combined power of the Thermo Fisher Cloud and your connected E1-ClipTip  pipettes.

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Protocol library

Choose from a variety of protocols, including general pipetting programs in addition to those designed for Thermo Fisher Scientific kits and assays.

Save time, enhance consistency
Programs can be quickly and easily transferred to your E1-ClipTip pipette from the My Pipette Creator app within the Thermo Fisher Cloud. Simply select the programs you are interested in, save them to your cloud account, and  transfer the programs to your E1-ClipTip pipette. Within minutes you will be ready to start your experiment.

The power of connected pipetting
The ready-to-download programs are written and tested by our own applications specialists to help ensure the pipetting steps are optimized for each protocol, enabling the best possible results. Downloading and sharing these pre-written programs with your connected E1-ClipTip pipettes can dramatically reduce experiment setup time and minimize potential errors. Importantly, you can have confidence in your results!

Find out what else you can do with the E1-ClipTip and My Pipette Creator app.

Pre-programmed protocols are available for the following applications

TaqMan Assays

TaqMan Assays for all your qPCR needs

Applied Biosystems TaqMan assay kits are designed to be sensitive, specific, and easy to use. Each assay includes your target primers and a sequence specific probe optimized for the best functional performance of your assay.

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nucleic acid kits

Cloud-based protocols for your automated RNA, DNA, and cfDNA purification

MagMAX kits use magnetic bead–based technology to ensure scalable and reproducible recovery of high-quality RNA, DNA, and cell-free DNA. Combine your MagMAX kits with the Thermo Scientific™ Kingfisher™ instruments and the E1-ClipTip pipette to reduce hands-on time for your sample preparation.

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