Agrigenomic microarray genotyping solutions provide breeders and researchers with powerful and flexible genotyping tools to cost-effectively identify, validate, and screen complex genetic traits in plants and animals. Thermo Fisher Scientific’s broad microarray portfolio of robust, accurate, customizable, and scalable genomic testing products facilitates high-throughput routine screening, marker-assisted selection, genome-wide association studies, quantitative trait loci analyses, parentage, and traceability, all of which help fast-track your genomic selection programs. From plants, livestock, aquaculture, and poultry to companion animals, our microarray technology can provide solutions to meet your everchanging needs.


Agrigenomics microarray genotyping applications

Aquaculture genetic testing solutions for agrigenomics


Genotyping solutions designed for simple and complex mosaic genomes found in economically important aquaculture species such as salmon, trout, shrimp and shellfish

Livestock genetic testing solutions for agrigenomics


Using Applied Biosystems Axiom technology for healthier and more productive livestock (bovine, ovine, and porcine)


Plant genetic testing solutions for agrigenomics


Genomic tools and resources ideal for routine screening applications in plant genomics. The Axiom technology is especially cost-effective for analyzing large sample numbers.

Poultry genetic testing solutions for agrigenomics


Genomic tools to assist in the development of genetically superior birds capable of higher production and to improve feed efficiency

Companion animal genetic testing solutions for agrigenomics

Companion animals

Genotyping solutions for entire animal populations facilitating more tailored veterinary care and helping inform breeding efforts

Agrigenomics resources such as webinars, brochures, application notes


A variety of resources such as brochures, videos, webinars, and application notes



Customer testimonials

Plant breeding for the future using Applied Biosystems Axiom and Eureka Genotyping Platforms

Plant breeding for the future using the Applied Biosystems Axiom and Eureka genotyping platforms

Jason Nicholas, Senior team leader at Syngenta, shares how the Thermo Fisher Scientific  Axiom and Eureka platforms provide advantages in terms of cost and turn-around time that contribute to the ability to conduct low-medium density genotyping at the scale needed to meet Syngenta’s molecular breeding targets. Jason also touches upon the future of genomic applications in crops.

Genomics and Increased Selection Accuracy in Aquaculture

Genomics and increased selection accuracy in aquaculture

Matt Baranski, General Manger, Mowi (formerly known as Marine Harvest), describes the company’s process for ensuring the best-quality product possible. The company rears eggs and produces feed in-house. They use the most advanced tools available to make fish selection as accurate and as high quality as possible for their customers. As part of this approach, breeding plans focus on genomic selection for economically important traits.

Reducing Greenhouse Emissions: Genomic Testing of Every Cow in Ireland

Reducing greenhouse emissions: genomic testing of every cow in Ireland

Learn how Dr. Andrew Cromie, the technical director of the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF), has been overseeing the mass genotyping of Irish cattle using genomics tools for the primary objective of genetic improvement of dairy and beef cattle in Ireland. The ICBF is currently using the Axiom Genotyping Platform to collect the data necessary to take that improvement to the next level.

Doing Citizen Science with the Axiom Genotyping Solution

Doing citizen science with the Axiom genotyping solution

Dr. Karlsson, Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, has successfully identified genes related to canine obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in doberman pinschers. Canine OCD is highly heritable, making it an ideal candidate for genomic research. Dr. Karlsson and her colleagues used gene arrays to compare dobermans with and without OCD symptoms, and identified a gene also implicated in human OCD whose protein product stabilizes connections between glutaminergic neurons.


Featured products

 Axiom genotyping solution for agrigenomics

Axiom Genotyping Solution

Our array-based genotyping solutions are ideal for the identification, validation, and screening of complex genetic traits in plants and animals. Choose from our wide variety of predesigned arrays or customize an array specifically for your study.

Axiom catalog genotyping arrays
Axiom myDesign custom genotyping arrays
Axiom Analysis Suite Software
Axiom Genotyping Services

GeneTitan Multi-Channel (MC) Instrument

GeneTitan Multi-Channel (MC) Instrument

Transform your lab with a GeneTitan Instrument and experience the superior power of streamlining array processing for discovery, exploration, and screening. Both the GeneTitan Instrument for expression applications and the GeneTitan Multi-Channel (MC) Instrument for expression and genotyping seamlessly integrate hybridization, washing, and imaging in a single instrument to provide automated array processing.

Axiom Propel Workflow Solution

Axiom Propel Workflow Solution

The Axiom Propel workflow empowers you to disrupt the bottleneck in scaling-up genotyping by eliminating the need for high upfront capital investment for ALHs. It is a new, innovative workflow utilizing multidrop combi liquid dispensers and other common lab equipment for target preparation without changing the existing steps

Eureka genotyping solution for agrigenomics

Eureka Genotyping Solution

The Eureka Genotyping Solution for agrigenomics includes NGS-based assays designed using Eureka myDesign custom or catalog panels. The Eureka genotyping assay is a fast workflow, going from extracted DNA to genotypes in as little as two days. The complete solution includes genotyping panels, reagent kits, a fully automated workflow, and easy-to-use data analysis tools.

Eureka Analysis Suite Software
Eureka Genotyping Services



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