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Chromosomal abnormalities and genomic instability are some of the most important aberrations in malignancies. Thermo Fisher Scientific offers advanced microarray solutions that are designed to provide comprehensive coverage and the highest resolution, so you do not miss important aberrations.


Optimize cancer sample profiling with a single assay that provides whole genome coverage to help advance oncology genetic research in your laboratory.  


Customer & solutions overview

Analyzing karyotypes in hematological malignancies are critical

Added precision to molecular karyotyping analysis is fast becoming the standard for detecting chromosomal aberrations in leukemias. 

Application of CMA in oncology

Dr. Sukhanova demonstrates how combining chromosomal microarray analysis (CMA) with next-generation sequencing (NGS) assays helps to identify genetic aberrations in different types of cancer.

Simplify hematological malignancy profiling

Learn how the combined power of just two platforms, whole genome microarrays and targeted NGS, is delivering faster answers and streamlined solutions in oncology.

CytoScan HD Suite: Comprehensive cytogenetic analysis

High-resolution microarrays can assist in the understanding and characterization of biomarkers in hematological malignancies.

Copy number analysis of FFPE samples with OncoScan assays

The OncoScan assays enable accurate analysis of copy number changes and allelic imbalances across the entire genome. These assays have been shown to perform well with highly degraded DNA, such as that derived from FFPE tumor samples.

OncoScan CNV assays in FFPE tumor sample analysis

Whole-genome copy number analysis is key to clearly identifying biomarkers in oncology genetic testing. OncoScan CNV assays have become a natural choice for cancer research using FFPE samples.

CytoScan arrays




Chromosome Analysis Suite (ChAS) Software




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