Better resources lead to better understanding. Here are several to help you learn how Thermo Fisher products transform the lab experience for preemptive pharmacogenomics.



Implementing preemptive PGx program at a pediatric health system

Genotyping techniques used by researchers

Microarrays: an essential tool for predictive genomics

Pharmacogenomics in precision medicine: Pathways to ease adoption

Current state of pharmacogenomics and its future

How Comprehensive Pharmacogenomics Accelerates Personalized Therapies and Reduce Health Disparities for Diverse Populations

Implementing a World-Class Clinical Pharmacogenomics Service

Navigate the technology landscape in predictive genomics

Preemptive PGx at Population-Scale: Implementation in Pittsburgh

White papers

The A to Z of microarrays - evolution of a revolutionary solution

Microarrays: An important tool for predictive genomics

Preemptive pharmacogenomics: investigating the relationship between genotype and drug response

White Paper: PGx improves health system performance

Accurate Pharmacogenomics (PGx) testing – A Market Overview

Decoding large national genetic study design

Scientist spotlights

Integrating preemptive pharmacogenomics into health care

Practicing Pharmacogenomics at Scale

Precision Medicine: From Dream to Future Reality

The Vision for Preemptive Pharmacogenomic Screening for Broad-based Research

Blog posts

Helping reduce health care costs with pharmacogenomics: The Teacher’s Retirement System of Kentucky (TRSKY) story - Behind the Bench

Implementing preemptive pharmacogenomics: Six reasons a research protocol may be “best clinical practice” - Behind the Bench

What Should Be Reported to Participants in a Genomics Screening Program?

Precision Prescribing with Pharmacogenomics - Behind the Bench

Seeking the Genotype of Healthy Aging

The Impact of Genetic Diversity on the Future of Health and Medicine

How Health Systems and National Initiatives Benefit from Genotype-Phenotype Research Databases


The vision of Pharmacogenomics

Predictive Pharmacogenomics

Brochures and flyers

Axiom PangenomiX and Axiom PangenomiX Plus arrays

GeneTitan MC Fast Scan Instrument

GeneTitan MC Fast Scan Instrument

Predictive Genomics

Insights in disease risk and drug response: Axiom genotyping arrays for human studies

Axiom Biobank Genotyping Solution

Axiom Propel workflow

Biobanks and beyond - genotyping for the future

Axiom Precision Medicine Research Array

Technical resources

GeneTitan MC Fast Scan Instrument datasheet

Axiom PangenomiX Array datasheet

Axiom myDesign Human Custom Array design guide

Preemptive pharmacogenomics article

Axiom PharmacoFocus Array

Axiom Precision Medicine Diversity Array

PharmacoScan Solution

Imputation-aware microarrays offer more power than low-pass sequencing


PharmacoScan Assay SPG book

PharmacoScan Assay UG book

PharmacoScan Assay 24-Array-Format Manual


Performance Analysis of a Comprehensive Clinically Focused Pharmacogenetic Assay

Pharmacogenomic Genotyping Performance Across Biological Specimens