Research with trusted results—gain new insights using cost-effective microarray technology

Using microarray analysis across predictive genomics applications, such as pre-emptive pharmacogenomics research areas, helps garner greater insights. This means researchers and scientists will be better informed and can confidently make decisions that support precision medicine efforts.


The GeneTitan MC Fast Scan Instrument provides a high throughput and laboratory productivity per technician by helping minimize user intervention and allowing unattended, overnight processing of large numbers of samples in parallel. This unique degree of hands-off automation means your data can be consistently reproducible, your lab can be more productive, and you can spend less time acquiring and managing data and have more time for science.

Product overview

GeneTitan MC Fast Scan Instrument

The GeneTitan MC Fast Scan Instrument and proven Axiom array plates in 96- and 384-array layouts are the first to provide a hands-free, automated solution for genome-wide SNP genotyping.


The GeneTitan MC Fast Scan Instrument automates array processing from target hybridization to data generation by combining a hybridization oven, fluidics processing, and state-of-the art imaging device into a single bench-top instrument.


The imaging device in the GeneTitan MC Fast Scan Instrument uses an external, high-intensity xenon lamp and dual excitation and emission filters to capture images from array plates for use in genotyping and microbiome studies.

Key benefits include:

  • Fast—condenses hands-on processing time to as little as 30 minutes, images an array in less than five minutes, and operates unattended overnight
  • Scalable—meets both medium- and high-throughput needs, enables fast time to data, and requires minimal manual intervention
  • Flexible—supports genotyping studies on multiple array plate formats
  • Accurate—enables high-quality, consistent data by processing multiple samples under identical conditions
  • Adaptable—creates flexible workflows and sample registration via GeneChip Command Console Software

GeneChip Command Console Software

GeneChip Command Console Software provides customization, automation, and integration flexibility along with full-range support:

  • Provides summary of probe cell intensity data (CEL file generation); enables sample and array registration, data management, instrument control, and automatic and manual image gridding
  • Enables flexiblility to customize, automate, and integrate workflows with a variety of laboratory information management systems
  • Supports the full range of assays by enabling seamless integration with downstream primary analysis applications such as Axiom Analysis Suite and Transcriptome Analysis Console (TAC) Software

NIMBUS Target Preparation Instrument

We have partnered with Hamilton Robotics to provide you with the latest in ultra-compact and precision-based liquid-handling instrumentation. The NIMBUS Target Preparation Instrument is industry-recognized for its high-end manufacturing and superior pipetting performance at an affordable price.


We have automated the target preparation steps for the Axiom 2.0 assay, including DNA amplification, fragmentation, purification, resuspension, hybridization preparation, and stain preparation for the GeneTitan MC Instrument.


Axiom target preparation on the automated liquid-handling workstation helps minimize run-to-run variability and the labor burden associated with complex manual pipetting, helping improve test reproducibility and laboratory efficiency.


Target preparation for Axiom genotyping is now effortless with Axiom 96-sample automated target preparation, which offers:

  • Small footprint, sleek design, and industry-recognized engineering
  • Advanced pipetting technology for precise yet flexible liquid handling
  • Workflow designed to accommodate 96 samples
  • Laptop with easy-to-use software interface including visual cues for each assay step

The NIMBUS Target Preparation Instrument represents the latest in compact, high-speed automated multi-channel pipetting. It features a 1-mL 96-channel multi-pipetting head for plate-based pipetting using a combination of capacitance-based liquid level detection and pressure-based liquid level detection for unparalleled performance.


The NIMBUS Target Preparation Instrument, co-developed with Hamilton Robotics, features an automation deck optimized for use with the Axiom assay protocol and an automated workflow that is compatible with Axiom 2.0 reagent kits. The on-deck thermoshake cooling block and customized trash chute provide convenience and support for assay robustness. The compact size allows the flexibility to place the instrument on virtually any bench top.


The NIMBUS Target Preparation Instrument is provided with a Dell™ laptop computer that is powered by an easy-to-use interface. The high-resolution visual display and simple on-screen instructions provide simple visual cues throughout assay progression.

Product specifications

GeneTitan MC Fast Scan Instrument

Nimbus Target Preparation Instrument

55” W x 33” D x 26” H (139.7 cm W x 83.82 cm D x 66 cm H) 20.0 in. W x 37.4 in. L x 30.3 in. Maximum H (20.1 x 37.4 x 30.3 inches)
Microarray processing Post-PCR automated target preparation
147 kg 58.9 kg