Affymetrix Nimbus

Thermo Fisher Scientific has partnered with Hamilton Robotics to provide you with the latest in ultra-compact and precision-based liquid-handling instrumentation. The NIMBUS Target Preparation Instrument features high-end manufacturing and superior pipetting performance at an affordable price.

With the Axiom genotyping starter kit, this instrument automates the target preparation steps for the Axiom 2.0 assay, including DNA amplification, fragmentation, purification, resuspension, hybridization preparation, and stain preparation for GeneTitan MC Instrument. With the CytoScan starter kit, it automates the post-PCR target preparation steps for the CytoScan cytogenetic microarray assay.

Includes additional equipment and parts necessary to set up NIMBUS Target Preparation Instrument for Axiom Genotyping Solution.

Includes additional hardware required to set up NIMBUS Target Preparation Instrument for the CytoScan assay.

Beckman Coulter Biomek FXP and I7 Target Prep Express for Thermo Fisher arrays

The Biomek FXP Target Prep Express is an Thermo Fisher-specific configuration of the successful Biomek FXP platform. It enables superior positional accuracy and robustness. The intuitive software interfaces enable you to start up quickly and easily switch between methods. Have confidence with fully validated Thermo Fisher target preparation methods, including Axiom Genotyping Solution target preparation, GeneChip HT WT Plus, GeneChip HT 3’ IVT Plus, and GeneChip HT Pico methods.  Contact us for more information.

Target preparation on the Nimbus instrument helps minimize run-to-run variability and the labor burden associated with complex manual pipetting, helping to improve test reproducibility and laboratory efficiency.

  • Small footprint with customized deck layout designed for Axiom 2.0 assay requirements such as thermoshake and cooling block for on-deck handling in processing of complex temperature-sensitive steps
  • Accommodates 96 samples on the 96-array plate format (Axiom genotyping) or 24/48 samples plus a negative control (CytoScan cytogenetics analysis)
  • Advanced pipetting technology for precise and flexible liquid handling
  • Labware gripper arm for easy handling of microplates
  • Laptop with intuitive software interface with visual cues for each assay step

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.