GeneChip™ Targeted Genotyping Analysis Software (GTGS) is part of the GeneChip Targeted Genotyping System. GTGS is specifically designed to give highly accurate, automated SNP allele calls for the Targeted Genotyping MIP assay, available for both application-specific fixed assays and custom SNP assays.

Access to GTGS software

GTGS software is acquired through the purchase of the Scanner 3000 Targeted Genotyping System. New for GTGS 1.6 is support for GeneChip Command Console. For a complete list of changes, see   About GTGS 1.6.

The GTGS 1.6 installer will upgrade existing GTGS 1.5 systems. New installs of GTGS 1.6 require Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition to be pre-installed.

  • Robust genotype calling
  • Integrated sample tracking for the assay
  • Many data visualization tools for quality control
  • Mendelian inheritance check for genotype accuracy
  • Y-chromosome SNP controls to infer sample gender
  • Infrastructure to support large studies—5000 samples per project
  • Multiple text-based data export options

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