Microarray Analysis Sample Data

Sample data is provided for evaluation and development purposes. Each demo data section will describe the contents and format of the data files.

GeneChip Human Transcriptome Array 2.0 data sets

The sample HTA 2.0 array data set includes four replicates of two tissue types (liver and muscle).

Axiom Exome sample data set

The Axiom Exome sample data set includes CEL files and observed genotypes for 1,249 individuals. These data are useful as reference data for GWAS or for ancestry determination, and a variety of other applications. Additional information about the Axiom Exome array can be found on the related product page. Download the sample data set ›

Axiom Genomic Database sample data

With the Axiom Genomic Database of validated SNPs, researchers can create custom arrays or array plates containing tens of thousands or several million SNPs. This broad spectrum of custom capabilities enables highly precise designs leveraging the Axiom Genomic Database of validated SNPs, including millions of variants from the 1000 Genomes Project as well as SNPs with low minor allele frequencies. Download the sample data set ›

Copy number and cytogenetics sample data on CytoScan Cytogenetics Suite

Several samples are available for analysis and visualization in Chromosome Analysis Suite (ChAS). These sample data sets depict typical aberrations found with CytoScan arrays, such as deletions and duplications, LOH/AOH and consanguinity, hyperploidy, mosaics, etc. Additionally, trio samples are included to be used with the Mendelian Consistency Check tool.

3' expression data sets

  • High-throughput plate data
    Zipped GCO EXP/CEL files used in performance whitepaper.
  • 3' expression sample data
    Zipped files with sample GeneChip probe array data (.exp, .dat, .cel., .dat, .rpt, files) for a variety of expression and genotyping arrays.
  • Latin square data
    Zipped collection of files of 3' expression data from Human U95 and U133 array containing spikes at known concentrations for the purpose of algorithm development.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.