NetAffx Analysis Center

Superior access to array content

The NetAffx™ Analysis Center enables researchers to correlate their GeneChip™ array results with array design and annotation information.

Analysis areas:

  • 3' IVT expression
  • Exon/gene
  • Genotyping
  • miRNA

Types of analyses (not all are available for all areas):

  • NetAffx Query—search probe sets for a term or identifier
  • Batch Query—retrieve annotations for a probe list
  • BLAST Query—find probe sets that BLAST align to your sequence(s) through BLAST
  • Probe Match Query—find probes that identically match your sequence(s)
  • UCSC Query—query the UCSC Browser including a custom track for your array of interest


Selected resources and documentation for getting the most out of the NetAffx Analysis Center

  • NetAffx Help Center—the complete index of documentation available for NetAffx users, including the resources below
  • Sources for NetAffx annotation updates—sources and versions of data that went into the annotation updates
  • NetAffx FAQ
  • Glossaries of annotation terms—(3'IVT expression, WT expression, genotyping)
  • Expression Array Comparison Tool—compare the content and coverage of different array designs
  • Whitepapers

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.