Microarray Data Analysis

We provide a variety of tools, resources, analysis files, and sample data to support planning and execution of your microarray experiment.  The links below provides access to GeneChip resources and library files for the processing of arrays on a GeneChip™ microarray system.

Featured categories

Enables researchers to correlate their GeneChip array results with array design and annotation information.

Example data sets generated using catalog GeneChip™, Axiom™, Cytoscan™, OncoScan™, DMET, and Clariom™ arrays

Comparison analysis spreadsheets are designed to help expression analysis customers compare and understand the relationship between the data generated using related GeneChip arrays.

These files offer you to the ability to genotype and analyze results from specific sets of targeted SNPs and uncover the basis of complex human and non-human genetics.

These files enable the processing of a GeneChip array on a microarray instrument system.

Tiling analysis support files to reflect updated NCBI genome releases

Annotation files are for use to understand what biological entities are represented on a GeneChip microarray.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.