Phenotypic abnormalities are rarely a result of expression changes in single genes, so generating a comprehensive expression profile is critical when studying normal biology and disease processes. Additionally, important expression changes, such as differential exon usage resulting from alternative splicing events, may be masked when profiling at the gene-level. Microarrays provide the distinct advantage of assaying millions of distinct sequences in parallel which makes the technique immune to issues detecting and measuring low abundance transcripts, or rare alternative splicing events.

For fast RNA expression analysis, we offer a complete range of arrays for whole-transcriptome, gene, exon, or short non-coding (snc) RNA level analysis. All of our expression arrays are compatible with a wide variety of sample types and accommodate low RNA input. They are available in single-sample array cartridge and multi-sample array plate formats for different throughput needs. They all include our fast, flexible analysis software at no additional cost.

Transcriptome profiling solutions

Clariom Assays

Quickly reveal critical biomarker signatures from coding and long noncoding (lnc)RNA to yield key insights into the complexity of biology with whole-transcriptome array analysis. Clariom D and Clariom S assays (for human, mouse, and rat) are designed for whole-transcriptome expression profiling and biomarker discovery. Built using the latest transcriptomic knowledge from multiple sequence data sources, they are ideal tools to identify new RNA biomarkers. The Clariom GO Screen is designed for high-throughput, low-cost secondary screening of drug compounds in gene expression research. 

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Applied Biosystems Microarray Services Lab

Thermo Fisher Scientific provides comprehensive genome-wide expression solutions. Microarray Research Services Laboratory (MRSL) is a high-throughput facility that offers affordable services for microarray-based transcriptome studies. 

Transcriptome Analysis Console (TAC) Software

Enables you to go beyond simple identification of differential expression by providing visualizations of complex gene pathway networks, miRNA and target gene interactions, and alternative splicing events

MyGeneChip Custom Arrays

Gene expression solutions tailored to your specific needs. Choose from human, plant, animal, or microbial genomes, and leverage content from catalog GeneChip expression arrays, your own RNA-Seq data, or a combination of both.

GeneChip Scanner

Provides high-resolution array scanning and automation to dramatically improve efficiency in gene expression and genetic analysis applications

Gene Expression Profiling Reagents

Easy-to-use high quality reagents and target preparation kits for processing samples on Applied Biosystems expression microarrays

Arrays or sequencing?

Are you leveraging the appropriate technology for your research? The scientific community is now widely acknowledging that there are specific applications best served by arrays and others by RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq). Additionally, many see opportunities to harness the power of both technologies for expression studies.

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Clariom and GeneChip arrays have the ability to provide extensive coverage of coding and non-coding genes with arrays and assays designed to measure either the 3’ end of the poly A fraction of the transcriptome, or all transcribed exons across a gene with assays and array designed to measure the whole transcript of both poly A and non-poly A transcripts.

The whole-transcript analysis approach enables researchers to detect not only the level of expression, but also precisely what is being expressed, including alternative isoforms or genomic deletions. This has opened the door to new insights at a resolution not possible with the classical 3’-based microarrays.

Clariom D assays provide a highly detailed view of the transcriptome and offer the fastest path to actionable results. Available for human, mouse, and rat, Clariom D assays allow translational research scientists to generate high-fidelity biomarker signatures quickly and easily. The novel Clariom D assay design are designed to provide the most intricate transcriptome-wide gene- and exon-level expression profiles, including the ability to detect alternative splicing events of coding and long non-coding (lnc) RNA, in a single three-day experiment.

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NetAffx analysis center

The NetAffx Analysis Center enables researchers

  • Search probe sets for a term or identifier
  • Retrieve annotations for a probe list
  • Find probe sets that BLAST align to your sequence(s) through BLAST
  • Find probes that identically match your sequence(s)
  • Query the UCSC Browser including a custom track for your array of interest.

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