One resource for all your microarray analysis support needs. Navigate through the support categories below to obtain relevant technical information, view tips & tricks when starting an experiment, and find answers to everyday microarray problems.

View tips and general troubleshooting help to meet your microarray needs. Learn about microarray basics including design and array manufacturing. Acquire information related to good experimental design for success with your microarray study.

Find resources and expert advice for preparing your sample for microarray analysis. This includes starting material quality and quantity guidelines, in-assay QC metrics, washing, staining, scanning information and array quality control metrics for your sample.

Browse through our pages for support resources, tips, and troubleshooting help related to miRNA profiling including total and microRNA labeling and preparation. Find comprehensive information on our miRNA array cartridges, strips and plates.

Access tips and help for performing cytogenetic studies and copy number analysis. Obtain support and information for the CytoScan™ and  OncoScan™ array and assay kits.

Find support information and technical resources pertaining to the whole transcriptome arrays; including  the Clariom D and S platform, as well as, other whole transcript, IVT and high-throughput gene expression assays and arrays.

View support information regarding the Axiom™ platform and SNP arrays for genome-wide association, mapping and candidate gene studies.

Find technical details related to array content. Information includes, but not limited to annotation information, probe sequence and alignment across all design types. Obtain answers to commonly asked questions regarding the NetAffx™ Analysis Center.

Support content and resources for utilizing microarray-related software including: GeneChip™ Command Console™ Software for instrument control and Chromosome Analysis Suite, Transcriptome Analysis Console, Axiom Analysis Suite for downstream data analysis.

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