Our PichiaPink Yeast Expression system delivers yields up 12 grams per liter of post-translationally modified recombinant protein.

  • Protein yields up to 12 g/L
  • Scalable production
  • Convenient kit formats
  • Posttranslational modifications via eukaryotic expression

PichiaPink Yeast Expression System for optimized expression

Our new PichiaPink Yeast Expression System contains both low and high copy plasmid backbones, 8 secretion signal sequences and 4 yeast strains—all to help you optimize for highest yield possible of your recombinant protein.

PichiaPink Yeast Expression System features:

  • Plasmid copy number: both high- and low-copy options enable optimization of toxic protein expression
  • Number of secretion signal leader sequences: 8 sequences
  • Number of strains: 4 strains
  • Number of protease-deficient host strains: 3 strains
  • Selection method: adenine selection

Obtain functional proteins

P. pastoris has many eukaryotic post-translation modification processes, offering a high probability of an active function recombinant protein. 

Yeast offer expression advantages

The advantages of P. Pastoris include rapid growth, a well-defined genetic background, simple media formulations and handling techniques--all of which make it an ideal host for producing large quantities of protein in a short period of time.

Scalable expression to meet your needs

Using the P. pastoris system for small scale-up to fermentation-scale production helps ensure you have the flexibility to produce the protein quantity you need for your application.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.