For global research and response centers, manufacturing facilities, and food and animal production sites, accurate detection and identification of pathogens is a 24-hour-a-day concern. Our pathogen detection and analysis suite helps you manage the demands of this evolving challenge.

Mutation Detection in Resistance and Susceptibility Scenarios


Replication in microorganisms and viruses is notoriously variable, which allows them to rapidly adapt to anti-viral and antibiotic pressure. Indentifying the mutations and mechanisms that lead to resistance is key to the successful development of new strategies that will overcome these infectious agents.


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Detection and Identification


Pathogen detection is of critical importance in many fields including food safety, clinical research, drug discovery, animal health, biodefense, and forensics. We’ve developed a number of techniques for rapid, sensitive, and specific detection of pathogens


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Genome Characterization and Typing


The need for accurate characterization and typing of the continually evolving pathogens emerging from all parts of the globe has never been greater. Life Technologies offers kits, reagents, and instruments that work together in streamlined, intuitive workflows to characterize and sequence pathogen genomes.


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Visistat reference component

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.