We’ve developed solutions for high-throughput genotyping, genomic profiling, chimerism, and copy number analysis to enable sequence-to-function analysis for today’s plant biotechnology researchers.

Resequencing Applications
Sequencing of DNA followed by comparison to a known or reference sequence
 Confirmation of Next-Generation Sequencing Results
Sanger sequencing of regions of interest identified using next-generation sequencing
SNP Genotyping
Detection of 1 to 10 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)
Genomic profiling method used to identify DNA polymorphisms between samples.
Uses electrophoretic mobility differences to find variants in a large number of samples so that fewer DNA sequencing runs are needed.
 Microsatellite-Based Applications
Linkage mapping studies, association studies, organism identification, chimerism, DNA polymerase instability, and more.
BAC Fingerprinting
Analyze and organize your BAC library with a simple and quick method.
Genotyping technique based on variation in the regions between microsatellites.


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