Figure 1: Fragment Sizing Analysis Data

GeneScan™ Size Standards are fluorescently-labeled DNA fragments required for performing fragment analysis and genotyping applications on AB’s capillary electrophoresis platforms. They are added to the fragment sizing analysis experiments and ran in parallel to samples. Size standards and sample fragments loaded in the same capillary run undergo the same electrophoretic forces. Distance migrated depends on size of DNA samples.

Each standard contains fragments of known sizes that will be used by the data analysis software (GeneMapper) to generate a calibration curve, which is used to determine the size of unknown fragments in an experimental sample. GenScan™ size Standards generate reliable and reproducible size calls, and are available with either ROX™, TAMRA fluorophore or the proprietary 5th dye LIZ®. The LIZ® dye-labeled standards offer increased throughput and reduced project costs by enabling an increase in the number of markers that can be multiplexed in a single sample.

When DNA sample fragments are labeled with: Choose a size standards labeled with: AB Dye Set: Possible Applications Other AB kits and products:
dR110, dR6G, dTAMRA™, dROXLIZDS-02SNaPshot®SNaPshot® primer focus kits, SNaPshot® Multiplex kits
5-FAM™, HEX™, NED™ROX™DS-30Custom Fragment AnalysisCustom Oligos

Custom Microsatellites

Custom Oligos
5-FAM™, JOE, NED™ROX™DS-32Microsatellite (Forensic)AmpFISTR® Kits,
Plant/Microbial AFLP Kits®
6-FAM™, VIC™, NED™, PET®LIZDS-33Microsatellite (Forensic)AmpFISTR® Kits,
Custom Oligos