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8.1 Introduction

Built on the stem cell innovations introduced throughout the past decade, CellModel Services enable stem cell scientists to reach their desired outcomes faster. These services offer stem cell researchers choices at every stage of their research, including innovative tools that make it easier to bring “in-house” and a custom services offering that utilizes an experienced team of stem cell professionals.

Advantages of CellModel Services include:

  • Detailed protocols provided after project completion to demonstrate each milestone was achieved and to document which tools were utilized
  • Availability of all the reagents and media used within the CellModel Service can be purchased and used to facilitate post-service projects
  • Exceptional support and frequent project communication provided by a team with extensive experience delivering custom services

Available stem cell services

Choose the combination of tools and services to meet research needs:

  • Reprogramming—human fibroblasts or blood cells reprogrammed in 4–6 months with top clones expanded, cryopreserved, and characterized
  • Differentiation—PSCs differentiated into NSCs and many other terminal lineages
  • Characterization—confirm pluripotency, gene expression, cell identity, and more
  • Assay development—develop customized assays to interrogate your disease-relevant model
  • Screening—compound screening for your stem cell– based discovery projects, utilizing our complete high-throughput screening capabilities

Experienced service providers

CellModel Services are delivered by scientists from the Custom Biology team, which has helped researchers with cellular engineering and custom assay development projects for over a decade. Additionally, the Discovery Services project management team—responsible for the management of hundreds of cell line generation and assay development projects—is uniquely suited to manage project milestones and proactively communicate updates from day one to project completion.

For more information, go to thermofisher.com/cellmodel

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.