Cancer research

Derek McMahon, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Pennsylvania

Derek explains how bitter compounds have the potential to act as therapies for multiple diseases, including cancer.

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Shimon Sakaguchi, MD, PhD

Immunology Frontier Research Center Osaka University

Professor Sakaguchi became fascinated by the immune system early in his career. His drive and curiosity led him to the discovery of Treg cells and their role in autoimmunity.

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Lanbo Xiao

Research Investigator Michigan Center for Translational Pathology University of Michigan

Meet Lanbo Xiao, a researcher using TaqMan Gene Expression analysis to differentiate between aggressive and non aggressive prostate cancer.

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Sheri Olson

Senior Director, Product Management
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Meet Sheri Olson, and learn about her journey from a curious kid to one of the history-making scientists who studied and patented the BRCA1 breast cancer gene.

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Infectious disease research

Gúbio Soares

Federal University of Bahia

The first scientist to identify the Zika virus in Brazil, Gúbio Soares discusses his journey to the forefront of virology in his home country.

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Dr. Satish Pillai

Senior Investigator, Vitalant Research Institute
Professor, UCSF

Dr. Pillai is trying to unravel some of the biggest challenges still facing researchers when it comes to developing a cure for HIV.

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Luther King Abia Akebe

Professor, Applied & Environmental Microbiology 
University of KwaZulu-Natal

Professor Abia Akebe wants to close the loop in understanding how infections are passed between the environment, animals and humans.

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Veron Ramsuran

Profesor, Genetics
University of Kawzulu-Natal

Professor Ramsuran is using epigenetics to learn more about what makes certain people more susceptible to infectious diseases such as HIV and SARS-CoV-2.

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Dr. Sinaye Ngcapu

Senior Scientist

Dr. Sinaye Ngcapu is studying the link between vaginal microbiota and HIV infection, in order to help reduce rates of HIV in South African women.

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Complex disease research

Quinton Smith, PhD

Assistant Professor
University of California, Irvine

Quinton Smith talks about how his engineering based approach to stem cell research has implications for conditions such as end stage liver disease

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Joanna Williams, PhD

Associate Professor
University of Otago

Professor Joanna Williams' lab hopes to identify early markers of Alzheimer's disease using TaqMan microfluidic arrays.

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Maristella Donato, PhD

Candidate, Pharmacological Sciences University of Padua / University of Washington

Maristella Donato’s research uses TaqMan gene expression assays to understand the linkage between diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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Population genomics

Philip Empey, PharmD, PhD

Assistant Professor, Associate Director
Pitt/UPMC Institute of Precision Medicine

Learn how microarray technologies enable Philip Empey perform broad based genotyping, in an effort to understand more about drug variability.

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Ulrich Broeckel, MD

Founder and CEO
RPRD Diagnostics, LLC

Dr. Broeckel shares his vision for the future of pharmacogenetics, and how its integration with precision medicine approaches can impact clinical care

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Timothy R. Rebbeck, PhD

Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health

As leader of the MADCaP Network, Timothy Rebbeck uses custom Axiom Genotyping Solutions to address outcome disparities for prostate cancer.

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Conservation biology

Amy Coslik

Animal Projects Coordinator
Fort Worth Zoo

Learn how Amy Coslik is working with Thermo Fisher Scientific to help protect the health and safety of the elephants living at the Fort Worth Zoo.

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Gregory O’Corry Crowe, PhD

Research Professor
Harbor Branch Oceanographic
Institute, FAU

Professor O’Corry Crowe discusses how his team uses capillary electrophoresis techniques to tackle Arctic mammal conservation.

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