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Our highly trained scientists can custom-synthesize almost any siRNA you can dream up. Whether you need one siRNA or thousands, your project receives meticulous handling and QC throughout the process.

Only Thermo Fisher Scientific can provide Silencer™ siRNA, Stealth RNAi™ siRNA and Silencer Select siRNA, which offer unparalleled silencing efficiency and specificity. Use either of these powerful technologies as the basis for your custom project, or let us modify standard siRNAs for you.    

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What modifications do you offer?
A. From our popular Alexa Fluor™ dyes to lesser-known molecules, such as zebularine we have your modification modification needs covered from A to Z. Do you need internal 2-o-methyl? 5’ FAM? We can make them all.  

Q. What scales are available?
A. We can manufacture from 5 nmol to 1 gram scales in a variety of purities. Just let us know what you need. (Most modifications require 200 nmol scale or higher.)

Q. What purity selections do you offer?
A. We offer standard desalted, HPLC, and in vivo purifications.

Q. Do you offer custom siRNA libraries?
A. We can offer plated sets of siRNAs designed to your list of favorite targets. Contact us today for a quote.

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