Capped RNA that Gives Higher Protein Yields - TechNotes 9(4)
Description: A new cap structure that is only incorporated in the proper orientation for translation, and reagents for poly(A) tailing dramatically increase translation efficiency.

High Yield Transcription for Every Application - TechNotes 11(4)
Description: An overview of Ambion's complete line of products for the generation of capped/uncapped RNA, short RNA transcripts, dsRNA transcripts, amplified RNA, and milligram quantities of transcript.

Quick and Easy Addition of Poly(A) Tails to In Vitro Transcribed RNA - TechNotes 8(4)

Description: Add poly(A) tails to 3' termini of RNA and enhance translational efficiency

Rapidly Synthesize Large Amounts of Capped RNA - TechNotes 10(4)

Description: Our mMESSAGE mMACHINE® High Yield Capped RNA Transcription Kits produce 10-50 times the yield obtained with conventional in vitro transcription reactions.

RNAi in Non-Mammalian Cultured Cells - TechNotes 9(5)
Description: Large scale transcription of long dsRNA for RNAi

Synthesis and Biological Applications of Cap Analogs with Superior Translational Properties -
TechNotes 15(2)
Description: We synthesized some cap analog variants and evaluated their biological function.

Yield isn’t Everything in a High Yield Transcription Kit! - TechNotes 9(4)
Description: Yield is only part of the story; does your high-yield transcription kit produce full-length transcripts?