The GeneAssist™ siRNA Workflow Builder—your source for Ambion® Silencer® siRNAs and TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays has been upgraded! This online interface makes it easy to find and order both Silencer and Silencer Select siRNAs and TaqMan Gene Expression Assays. With this tool, you can:

  • Search the GeneAssist product database for Silencer and Silencer Select Pre-designed and Validated siRNAs and corresponding TaqMan Gene Expression Assays for any human, mouse, or rat target by gene name, gene symbol, gene/transcript ID, or product ID.
  • Browse the GeneAssist Atlas of nearly 400 human cellular pathway diagrams; then click on a protein of interest to see the associated Pre-designed and Validated siRNAs and TaqMan Gene Expression Assays.
  • NEW! Order custom designed Silencer or Silencer Select siRNAs when your needs extend beyond our vast collection of pre-designed siRNAs.
  • NEW! Order custom synthesized siRNAs—you supply the sequence and we do the rest.
  • Walk through a typical RNAi workflow to find recommended controls, transfection agents, and other reagents for your RNAi experiments; click on the buttons for detailed information about each experimental step.

Figure 3. mRNA Profiles of Mouse Tissues Stored in RNAlater. Various mouse tissues were stored in RNAlater for 1 or 4 weeks at 4°C. RNA was isolated from each tissue and analyzed using the RPA III™ Kit. 10 µg of total RNA was hybridized with 5 x 104 cpm of each of 5 combined antisense RNA probes, digested with RNase and precipitated. Products were assessed on a 5% polyacrylamide / 8 M urea gel and exposed to film for 4 hours at -80°C with an intensifying screen.

Figure 1. GeneAssist™ siRNA Workflow Builder. Search for Silencer® and Silencer® Select siRNAs and TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays by gene, browse >400 biological pathways, request a custom designed siRNA, or order a custom synthesized siRNA.