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headshot of Cláudia Miranda

Cláudia Miranda

Post Doctoral Research Fellow
iBB – Institute for Bioengineering and Biosciences
Associate Laboratory i4HB - Institute for Health and Bioeconomy; Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal

In this webinar, she will show a scale-out approach towards neural induction of hIPSCs for neurodevelopmental toxicity studies.

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headshot of Ernesto Goulart

Ernesto Goulart

Using iPS-derived cells to generate a functional human liver through 3D bioprinting

  • Discuss iPS cell culture and quality control
  • Describe differentiation and functional analysis of relevant liver cells phenotype (ie. hepatocytes, endothelial and MSC)
  • Discuss 3D bioprinting human iPS-derived liver grafts in combination of 3D cultured hepatocyte-like cells
headshot of Amal Hassan Ali

Amal Hassan Ali

From Protein Structures to Drug Discovery: novel therapeutic opportunities

  • Discuss membrane proteins, protein complexes, and structural biology
  • Discuss X-ray Crystallography, and Cryo-EM
  • Discuss nanobody, GPCRs, and adhesion GPCRs
headshot of Felipe Galvez Cancino, Ph.D.

Felipe Galvez Cancino, PhD

Unveiling the role of T cell dysfunction in the development and progression of glioblastoma

  • Understand the relevance of doing research on brain tumours
  • An overview of the immune landscape of glioblastoma in mouse models
  • Novel approaches to identify targets for immunotherapy of glioblastoma
montage of 6 webinar speakers

Kristine M Wadosky PhD, Ameet Chimote PhD, Elizabeth Delery PhD, Daisy Shu, B. Optom PhD, Vivek Kamat PhD, and Sandra Hammer PhD

Gibco Cell Culture Heroes: Work From Home Edition

During this webinar, Vivek, Sandra, Elizabeth, Daisy, Ameet and Kristine will share their best practices of being productive, staying connected, keeping a healthy outlook while out of the lab. Don't miss out on this webinar designed to help you navigate working from home and staying connected.

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headshot of Mayda Arshad

Mayda Arshad

Modified dental composite for bone repair

  • Understand what osteoporotic fractured are
  • Risks associated with treatment of osteoporotic fractures with the available commercial bone cements
  • How we are addressing the limitations of currently available commercial bone cements

On-demand webinar coming soon

headshot of Brooke Schuster

Brooke Schuster, PhD candidate

An automated cancer organoid culture platform to accelerate research and drug screening

  • Understand the difference between traditional and microfluidic based cell culture technologies
  • Learn about applying biomedical engineering techniques to advance current 3D cell culture technologies, specifically cancer organoid culture systems
  • Discover the potential application and capabilities of automatic, high throughput, and dynamic cell culture platforms

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