After cells are isolated from tissue or differentiated from pluripotent precursors, the resulting population needs to be characterized to confirm whether the target population has been obtained. This chapter lists cell-type specific antibody markers commonly used for immunocytochemical (ICC) and flow cytometric analysis of neural subtypes.

Cell-type Specific Antibodies for Characterizing Neural Subtypes

Cell type Antigen Type ICC dilution*
Neural stem cells Sox1 Goat IgG 10 μg/mL

Sox2 Mouse IgG 2 μg/mL

Nestin Mouse IgG 1:500

CD133 Rabbit IgG 1:100
Neuronal progenitors Neurons (Pan) MAP2 Mouse IgG 1:200

HuC/Dl Mouse IgG 10 μg/mL

NF Mouse IgG 1:100

NCAM Mouse IgG 1:50

βIII tubulin Mouse IgG 1:2,000

Dcx Rabbit IgG 1:200
Dopaminergic neurons TH Rabbit IgG 1:1,000
Motoneurons Isl1 Mouse IgG 1:50

HB9 Mouse IgG 1:50
GABAergic/Glutaminergic neurons GABA Rabbit IgG 1:2,000
Cholinergic neurons ChAT Goat IgG 1:100
Astrocyte progenitors Astrocytes CD44 Mouse IgG 1:50

GFAP Rat IgG 1:100

GFAP Rabbit IgG 1:200
Oligodendrocyte progenitors Oligodendrocytes GalC Mouse IgG 1:200

NG2 Mouse IgG 1:200

A2B5 Mouse IgM 1:2,000

O4 Mouse IgM 1:50
Proliferation Ki67 Rabbit IgG 1:50

EdU Chemicals 1:1,000
Isotype control Mouse IgM and IgG Use as is

Rabbit IgG Use as is

* These are recommended starting concentrations for ICC applications; optimal working concentrations must be determined empirically.
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