The Mark12™ Unstained Standard allows accurate molecular weight estimation of your protein sample over a wide molecular weight range.

The important features of the standard are listed below:

  • Consists of 12 protein bands in the range of 2.5-200 kDa
  • Suitable for Tris-Glycine, Tricine, and NuPAGE® Novex Gels
  • Visualized with Coomassie® or silver staining


The Mark12™ Unstained Standard is supplied ready-to-use. There is no need to heat or add reducing agent. For silver staining, dilute 1:20 in any SDS sample buffer.
Use loading volumes listed below to obtain the best results:

Gel Volume
Mini-Gel (1.0 mm thick)  5 µl
Mini-Gel (1.5 mm thick)  7 µl
Standard Gel (1.0 mm thick) 10 µl
Standard Gel (1.5 mm thick) 15 µl


The approximate molecular weights of the protein bands in Mark12™ Unstained Standard are shown below. The molecular weights stated in the table below apply to the Tris-Glycine, Tricine, and NuPAGE® buffer systems.


Contents:                   1 ml of Mark12™ Unstained Standard
Applications:               200 of 5 μl each
Loading Buffer:          Tris-HCl, Glycerol, SDS, Phenol Red, Coomassie Blue G-250
Storage:                      Store at 4°C
Stability:                       6 months at 4°C