How do I customize plates?

You can customize plates on the Plate Summary screen by following these steps:

  1. Click the plate name link to view the plate summary screen.
  2. Click a circle to see information on the oligo in the corresponding well. Colored wells indicate wells with oligos.
    • Green wells contain oligos that are properly formatted
    • Red wells contain oligos that need to be modified
    • Grayed-out wells are empty

Modify the plate oligo information as necessary:

    3. Click the well indicator. The Well Information screen appears.
    4. Modify the plate information. Click Update to view your changes.
    5. When you're satisfied with your modifications, click Save and Return.

Note: If an error message appears after oligo entry, you must correct the error before the order can be processed. The message describes the type of problem preventing the order from being processed.