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Publication Title Publication Number Catalog Number
AccuCheck Counting Beads Product Sheet MAN0005382 PCB100
Alexa Fluor Succinimidyl Esters (NHS esters) User Guide MAN0001978 A10168, A10169, A20000, A20001, A20002, A20003, A20004, A20005, A20006, A20007, A20008, A20009, A20010, A20011, A20100, A20101MP, A20102, A20103, A20104, A20105, A20106, A20108, A20109, A20110, A20111, A30000, A30002, A30050, A30051, A30100, A37563, A3756
Amine-Reactive Probes Quick Reference MAN0003659 A10168, A10169, A20000, A20001, A20002, A20003, A20004, A20005, A20006, A20007,  A20008, A20009, A20010, A20011, A20100, A20101MP, A20102, A20103, A20104, A20105, A20106, A20108, A20109, A20110, A20111, A30000, A30002, A30005, A30050, A30052, A37563, A375
CellEvent Caspase-3/7 Green Flow Cytometry Assay Kit User Guide MAN0007522 C10740, C10427
CellLight Reagents *BacMam 2.0* User Guide MAN0002726 C10502, C10503, C10504, C10505, C10506, C10507, C10508, C10509, C10582, C10583, C10586, C10587, C10588, C10589, C10590, C10591, C10592, C10593, C10594, C10595, C10596, C10597, C10598, C10599, C10600, C10601, C10602, C10603, C10604, C10605, C10606, C10607,
CellMask Plasma Membrane Stains Product Sheet MAN0001956 C10045, C10046, C37608
CellROX Oxidative Stress Reagents Product Sheet MAN0003555 C10422, C10443, C10444, C10448
CellTracker Fluorescent Probes Quick Reference MAN0010620 C10094, C12881, C2102, C2110, C2111, C2925, C2927, C34551, C34552, C34565, C7025
CHO DG44 Cells (cGMP Banked) and Media Kit and CD DG44 Medium User Guide MAN0007386  12610010, A1097101, A1100001, A1110101-LSG
ClickiT Plus OPP Protein Synthesis Assay Kits Product Sheet MAN0009976 C10456, C10457, C10458, C10459
Copper-less Click Chemistry Reagents Product Sheet MAN0003185 C10405, C10406, C10407, C10408, C10410, C10411, C10412, C10413, C10414
Dispase Product Sheet MAN0007349 17105041, 17105-LSG
Gateway LR Clonase II Enzyme Mix Product Sheet MAN0001032 11791020, 11791100
Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (HUVEC) Product Sheet MAN0001620 C0035C
Mitochondria Isolation Kit for Cultured Cells Product Sheet MAN0011504 89874
Natural Mouse Laminin Product Sheet MAN0001423 23017015
Novex IEF Gels Quick Reference MAN0003907 EC66452BOX, EC6645BOX, EC66552BOX, EC6655A, EC6655A2, EC6655A5, EC6655B, EC6655B2, EC6655B5, EC6655BOX
Novex Tris-Glycine Gels Quick Reference MAN0003681 EC6001BOX, EC60049BOX, EC6004BOX, EC60052BOX, EC60055BOX, EC6005BOX, EC6006BOX, EC60085BOX, EC6008BOX, EC6009BOX-LSG, EC6014BOX-LSG, EC60152BOX, EC60155BOX, EC6015BOX, EC6016BOX-LSG, EC60185BOX, EC6018BOX, EC6019BOX-LSG, EC6021BOX, EC60249BOX, EC6024BOX, 
NucRed Live ReadyProbes Reagent Quick Reference MAN0007236 R37106
ProLong Gold, ProLong Diamond, SlowFade Gold, and SlowFade Diamond Antifade Mountants Product Sheet MAN0002469 P10144, P36930, P36931, P36934, P36935, P36941, P36961, P36962, P36970, P36971, S36936, S36937, S36938, S36939, S36940, S36942, S36963, S36964, S36972, S36973
Quant-iT dsDNA Assay Kit Broad Range Quick Reference MAN0002498 Q33130
Qubit Assays Quick Reference MAN0010876 Q33216
Streptavidin and Fluorescent Conjugates of Streptavidin User Guide MAN0001787 S11200, S11221, S11222, S11223, S11224, S11225, S11226, S11227, S11228, S11237, S11249, S11378, S20982, S20985, S20992, S21002, S21005, S21008, S21374, S21375, S21377, S21378, S21381, S21383, S21384, S2138, S32350, S32351, S32353, S32354, S32355, S32356, 
SUMO Protease Product Sheet MAN0001101 12588018
SuperScript III Platinum One-Step qRT-PCR Kit Product Sheet MAN0001006 11732020, 11732088
SYTO Green-Fluorescent Nucleic Acid Stains User Guide MAN0001930 S34854, S34855, S7556, S7559, S7560, S7572, S7573, S7574, S7575, S7576, S7578
TaqMan Advanced miRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit Product Sheet MAN0011141 A28007
TMT Mass Tagging Kits and Reagents Product Sheet MAN0011639 90060, 90061, 90063, 90064, 90065, 90066, 90067, 90068
Total Exosome Isolation (from cell culture media) Product Sheet MAN0006949 4478359
Total Exosome Isolation (from serum) User Guide MAN0006950 4478360
Transferrin Conjugates Quick Reference MAN0009592 P35376, T13342, T13343, T23362, T23363, T23364, T23365, T23366, T2871, T2872, T2875, T35352, T35357
TRIzol Max Bacterial RNA Isolation Kit Product Sheet MAN0000395 16096020, 16096040, 16122012