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Gain access to all of our brands on Thermo Fisher by creating an account.

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1. Benefits of Creating a Thermo Fisher Account

Quickly and easily register to take advantage of these benefits:

  • Obtain account-specific pricing and online quotes
  • Collaborate via a shared shopping list
  • View and track existing or past orders and quickly reorder
  • Utilize 1TB of free data storage, scientific analysis apps, and peer collaboration tools
  • Join our loyalty program to receive a free, full-size sample
  • Shop the online scientific Services Marketplace 


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 2. How to Register

  • Go to the homepage. Using the sign in drop down click on Register


3. Complete the form

  • Fill-in your first name, last name, email and a password into the registration form.



4. Radio buttons

  • If the yes radio button is chosen to receive information about Thermo Fisher Scientific products and services, additional fields will appear. Enter in the company or institutions name, department or lab city and country or location. Click the red Create account button.
  • If the no radio button is chosen to receive information about Thermo Fisher Scientific products and services, click the red create an account button.


5. Linking your institution

If you intend to place orders on, you will need to link to your company or institution’s account.  You will be presented with this opportunity at the point of checkout, or you can initiate the institution link in your Account > Profile.

By linking your account, you’ll be able to access these additional benefits:

  • Account-specific pricing
  • Online quotes
  • Ability to place orders
  • Dashboard for existing or tracked orders
  • Quick reorder tool


6. Start shopping

Once you have submitted your company or institution’s account information, you can immediately start shopping and place orders on

When the linkage is completed and we have activated your upgraded account, your orders will be processed, and you will receive an additional email

confirmation when the activation step is complete.  This process will be completed by a Thermo Fisher care representative within 48 hours.

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Update profile information

Within your account you can update your contact and mailing information, payment methods and password within the Profile section.

  1. You will need to sign in if you are not already logged in.
  2. Once signed in go to the upper right link labeled your Account.
  3. Then click on Profile
  4. Click the edit pencil and update info needed.
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