Microarray based assays for molecular cytogenetics research provide a genome-wide reliable approach that enables high-solution DNA copy number analysis to detect gains, losses, loss/absence of heterozygosity (LOH/AOH), copy-neutral LOH (cnLOH), regions identical-by-descent, and mosaicism in a single assay. Identify aneuploidies, microdeletions, microduplications as well as other types of chromosomal aberrations in the whole genome.

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An exon-level copy number assay designed to cover the whole genome and providing the sensitivity and flexibility required to improve and complement variant analysis for clinical research

Provides broad coverage and high performance for detecting chromosomal aberrations with greater than 99% sensitivity.

Offers genome-wide copy number, loss of heterozygosity (LOH) and copy neutral LOH (cnLOH) detection, and enhanced resolution in ~900 cancer genes all from a single assay. Data can be generated from only 80 ng of FFPE-derived DNA within 48 hours.

Free-of-charge software tailored to cytogenetic research analysis and reporting with streamlined analysis workflow, customizable filters, mosaic identification and non-integer CN reporting, and direct access to internal and external databases for meaningful interpretation of your data.

An automated liquid-handling workstation that can be used with CytoScan assays to help reduce intra-operator variability and the labor burden associated with complex manual pipetting, helping to improve reproducibility and laboratory efficiency

Provides high-resolution array scanning and automation to dramatically improve efficiency in gene expression and genetic analysis applications

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Balanced whole-genome coverage with CytoScan Cytogenetics Suite

Unlike other arrays, which lack the ability to deliver truly balanced whole-genome coverage due to probe density, reproducibility and design limitations, CytoScan Cytogenetics Suite Arrays offer the best balance of polymorphic and non-polymorphic probes to enable comprehensive coverage for cytogenetics applications.

Marker comparison

CytoScan Cytogenetics Suite
  • A balanced hybrid design with both SNPs and non-polymorphic probes enables complete coverage.  
  • A SNP-only array will have coverage gaps when the gene does not contain informative SNPs. 

CytoScan Cytogenetics Suite SNP content enables the detection of:

  • Accurate detection of regions of homozygosity—achieved by high-density SNPs evenly distribute across the genome
  • Mendelian consistency of Duo/Trio of samples—with high-density SNPs with >99% genotype accuracy. Only high density SNP genotypes allow for Mendelian consistency analysis for parent-of-origin studies.
  • Confident breakpoint determination—high density SNP and non-polymorphic probes coverage inside and outside genic regions that enable confident breakpoint determination and CN event-independent confirmation through the entire genome
  • Triploidy detection—high density SNPs enable the detection of triploidy, cellular contamination, and mixed cell populations or DNAs
  • Low-level mosaic elucidation—by using non integer copy number values obtained from high-density probes as well as confirmation from the allelic pattern changes
  • Allele-specific analysis—allelic patterns elucidate allelic imbalances such as LOH/AOH, which is very common in hematological malignancies, and whether haploid/diploid and haploid-doubled events have occurred

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Robust manual or automated workflows

The CytoScan HD Suite includes an optimized and streamlined assay and all-inclusive reagent kit. The assay protocol makes it easy to obtain consistent and high-quality results with processes aligned with laboratory workflow requirements. CytoScan™ Reagent Kit is designed to save time and money, reduce operator error, and deliver the highest performance.

Automated Target Preparation