handheld geiger counters

Modernized Geiger counters for personal radiation detection

Our portfolio of Thermo Scientific RadEye personal radiation detectors offers the functionality of traditional Geiger counters while delivering features not available in traditional Geiger counters.

These lightweight instruments offer an improved range of detection of multiple types of ionizing radiation—alpha, beta, X-rays, and gamma—even in the same unit. They feature an easy-to-use, common interface and are compatible with a catalog of optional accessories for wireless reachback, rechargeable batteries, and extension poles to maintain good ALARA principles.

Variations include Geiger counters that can monitor dose rate, stay time, and peak values. Intrinsically safe options are available for users working in potentially explosive environments.

Portable Geiger counters by application

  • Use when the direction or location of the source of radiation is unknown or all around you
  • Available in different dose rate ranges and intrinsically safe
  • Displays Gamma count rate, dose rate, accumulated dose, stay time, and peak values
  • Runs for 900 hours on 2 AAA batteries
  • Lightweight at only 160 grams
  • Use when you need an extended energy range such as establishing hot and warm zones
  • Handheld pancake Geiger counter for gamma and X-ray surveys
  • Portable and accurate with excellent dose rate energy response
  • Displays Gamma count rate, dose rate, accumulated dose, stay time, and peak values 
  • Use to detect surface contamination, as well as personal dose rate monitoring, all in one unit
  • 3 filter options for dose rate monitoring and alpha particle blocking
  • Large measuring range
  • Measures alpha, beta, and gamma, in a single unit
  • Quick-attaching filter options for measuring Hp(10),  H*(07)
  • Quickly determine alpha or beta contamination with alpha blocking filter
  • Use when you have hard-to-reach areas or areas with high radiation and ALARA must be practiced
  • Built-in calibrated dose detector and external connections to read a wide range of modular probes, including Geiger Müller
  • Capable of working with your existing probes
  • Use when you need to monitor an area remotely
  • Seamlessly connect to existing FH 40 instrument for portable use, or FHT6020 wall mount controller for fixed applications
  • Choose an all-in-one quick deployment WAM 500 with built-in large display to alert users in the area from a distance
  • Various dose and count rate ranges available to meet individual needs
  • Use when you want a high-reliability, lightweight, and more robust instrument to work with your existing GM tube-based hand probes
  • Continue to leverage your useful hand probes while replacing outdated and heavy electronic controllers
  • Simple, common interface to other RadEye units with on-screen setup guidance and modern electronic architecture for long life and support

Our series of Geiger Müller–based radiation detection products were designed with your specific mission in mind. Useful information such as peak count rate and dose rate values, energy compensated dose rate, accumulated dose, and remaining stay time help keep your mind on the mission, not on your instrument.

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