Miltenyi "MicroBead" Artifacts Detected in T cells after 72 hours of Incubation

The Results

Miltenyi nanoparticles are retained by T cells, after 72hr incubation

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What you’re about to see:

  • Confocal, iso-surface and TEM images reveal Miltenyi nanoparticles internalizing in human CD3+ T cells. 
  • Miltenyi nanoparticles accumulating in human CD3+ T cell vesicles.

What this means:

After 72 hours (see new TEM's below), Miltenyi nanoparticles are not biodegraded.  In contrast, Dynabeads® are released and removed from the cells.

Notes: All video imagery is actual footage and unaltered.
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See comments of these results from
Dr. Denise Faustman, Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard University


See comments of these results from
Jared F. Purton, PhD, Res assistant, Surh Laboratory, Scripps Research Institute.

We deeply regret the passing of Dr. Jared Purton. Please join us in supporting The Jared F. Purton Foundation to benefit charitable causes in the San Diego area.

More TEM images of Miltenyi nanoparticles before and after 24, 48 and 72hr incubation

24 Hours

24 hrs post isolation: Epon sections of CD3 isolated cells incubated at 37° c showing large multivesicular bodies containing Miltenyi nanoparticles (black specs) at high magnification.

48 Hours

48 hrs post isolation: Epon sections of CD3 isolated cells incubated for at 37° c. High magnification of Miltenyi nanoparticles containing electron dense compartment.

72 Hours

72 hrs post isolation: Epon sections of CD3 cells incubated at 37° c. Miltenyi nanoparticles in different intracellular compartments in two neighboring CD3 positive cells.

Avoid Artifacts - Use Dynabeads®

Miltenyi vs. Dynabeads® Comparison Table

Miltenyi MicroBeads

Dynabeads® FlowComp™

Approx. 50nm Size 2.8µM
None Uniformity Spherical, 1-3% variability
No T-Cell Release? Yes
Yes Columns Required? No
    Yes Internalized into T-Cells? No    
    Yes Retained in T-Cells
after 72hrs?

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