PEPotec Immuno Custom Peptide Libraries

Thermo Scientific PEPotec Immuno Peptide Libraries are fully synthetic custom libraries that support high-throughput screening assays to map epitopes or identify immunogenic sites in proteins. These libraries are fully customizable and contain an acetate counter ion to avoid potential toxicity in epitope discovery and mapping. These application-specific peptide libraries can be used in applications such as vaccine development, T- and B-cell research, antibody development, biomarker discovery, and kinase and protease studies.

  • Low toxicity—peptides with acetate as the counter ion are less toxic in some experiments than those with trifluoroacetate (TFA)
  • Application-specific—the 6–20-amino acid peptide length distribution fits most immunological applications
  • Convenient—peptides are provided in individual 2-D barcoded tubes in 96-tube plates, and each order includes a CD with the peptide sequences and positions in each plate
  • Flexible—optional services, including phosphorylation and acetylation, are available for studying signaling and regulatory protein

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PEPotec Immuno Peptide Library standard service

Quantity 1–4 mg
Length 6 to 20 amino acids; L-isoforms only
Purity Crude (as synthesized)
QC†† Mass spectrometry (MS), 100% of samples
Formulation Lyophilized
Vessel Thermo Scientific Matrix 2D barcoded clear polypropylene open-top storage tubes (Cat. No. 3712)
Minimum order 4, but surcharge for orders of <48 peptides
C-terminus Any unmodified L-isoform amino acid
Counterion Acetate
Production time ≥8 days (depending on peptide length)
Shipment Room temperature

†No purification given, as peptide purity is sequence-dependent and a function of different liquid chromatographic conditions.
††For all peptides except phosphopeptides, the three major peaks in the MS analysis represent the target of interest. Peptides must pass both the MS analysis and the final gross weight criteria (>1 mg) before shipment. If peptides do not pass these criteria, the customer will be informed and one resynthesis will be offered free of charge.

PEPotec Immuno Peptide Library optional services
Service Unit size
Trifluoroacetate (TFA) counterion Peptide
Phosphorylation at 1 site
Phosphorylation at 2 sites
Lys-Ac, internal
Peptides >20 and <26 amino acids in length
Delivered in 100% DMSO Plate
Alphanumeric tube labeling


  • Epitope mapping of B- and T-cells
  • Vaccine development
  • Screening of peptide vaccine