As scientists obtain and analyze genomic sequence information, more and more genetic variants are identified. As the field moves toward trying to understand the significance and potential utility of these variants, the need for rapid, reliable methods of detection has emerged.

Life Technologies offers real-time PCR products and other tools specifically for genotyping and genetic variation research, from isolating and purifying genomic DNA, selecting probe and primers, DNA amplification, performing allelic discrimination, and analyzing data.

SNP Genotyping

Ideal for studying a small number of SNPs across fewer than 1,000 samples.

Drug Metabolism Enzymes (DME) Profiling

Detect genetic polymorphisms in known high-value DME pharmacogenetics markers, including the PharmaADME core markers.

Copy Number Variation (CNV) Analysis

Accurate target quantitation for copy number analysis of specific targets.

SNP Genotyping on the OpenArray™ System

Ideal for studying a low to medium number of SNPs across more than 1,000 samples.

Rare Mutation Detection with TaqMan™ Mutation Detection Assays

Detect and quantitate very small amounts of mutant DNA in a background of wild type DNA using competitive allele-specific PCR (castPCR™).

High Resolution Melt Analysis

High Resolution Melting (HRM) analysis is a post-PCR analysis method used to identify variations in nucleic acid sequences.  Life Technologies offers two HRM applications: methylation analysis and mutation scanning.