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TaqMan™ GMO Screening Kit

Catalog number: 4466334
Thermo Scientific™

TaqMan™ GMO Screening Kit

Catalog number: 4466334
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4 x 48 reactions
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44663344 x 48 reactions
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The TaqMan® GMO Screening Kit analyzes DNA extracted from food and feed samples for the presence of the main transgenic regulatory regions. This real-time PCR kit contains all reagents (except for the template DNA) required for the detection of genetically modified organisms (GMOs ). In addition, the kit contains an Internal Positive Control (IPC) to identify possible PCR inhibition. The benefits of the Taqman® GMO Screening Kit over other commercially available products include:

• Flexibility—GMOs detected in DNA obtained from ANY food or feed source
• Accuracy—an internal positive control (IPC) rules out inhibition during qPCR process
• Speed—results provided in less than 3 hours

The TaqMan® GMO Screening Kit is capable of multiplex amplification of Endogenous Vegetal Control, Internal Positive Control, and these regulatory regions:

• P35S/CaMV
• TNOS/A. tumefaciens
• P34S/FMV

All of which make possible the detection of significant events such as soya MON89788.

The TaqMan® GMO Screening Kit provides all of the necessary reagents for testing 48 samples and is optimized for use in all Applied Biosystems® real-time PCR instruments. And because it is a real-time PCR kit, no electrophoresis is required. In addition, the kit offers extremely high sensitivity, detecting targets with only 3 DNA copies.

The development and manufacture of this kit occurs through a partnership with IMEGEN (Instituto de Medicina Genomica), which has a long history of GMO research and development.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line
Product Type
GMO Screening Kit
Target Gene
P35S, TNOS, P34S and Vegetal control gene
Target Molecule
Target Specificity
Detection Method
Primer-Probe Detection
GC-Rich PCR Performance
No. of Reactions
192 Reactions
PCR Method
Sample Type


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