Inherited diseases research

 Inherited disease research

Scale up or scale down your search for causal variants on a single sequencer. Whether you want to sequence disease-specific research panels on Monday or sequence the whole exome on Wednesday, the Ion GeneStudio S5 Systems give you the flexibility to do so—at an affordable price.

Find out how you can get the simplest targeted sequencing workflow for your inherited disease research.

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Cancer research

 Cancer research

Adopting a complete, integrated, and easy workflow for detecting low-frequency, tumor-associated variants in germline and tumor DNA is now a reality with the Ion GeneStudio S5 Systems next-generation sequencing systems. In addition to the easy workflow, you can also rely on the performance of Ion AmpliSeq technology for constructing libraries from as little as 1 ng of FFPE DNA or RNA.

Based on Ion AmpliSeq technology, Oncomine assays are multi-biomarker targeted assays designed for cancer research that enable detection of hotspots, SNVs, indels, CNVs, and gene fusions in a single run on the Ion GeneStudio S5 Systems and reporting with the Oncomine Knowledgebase Reporter. Find out how you can simplify your NGS workflow for cancer research with the Ion GeneStudio S5 Systems.

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Liquid biopsy research

 Liquid biopsy research

Significant progress has been made in the development of new molecular methods to unlock the potential of cell-free DNA (cfDNA) and circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from liquid biopsy samples.

Comprehensive solutions provide a potential future approach to therapy management and recurrence, with the possibility to overcome many of the limitations associated with obtaining tumor tissue samples today.

The Ion GeneStudio S5 Systems, coupled with the Ion Chef System, plus the targeted content on each of our Oncomine assays and powerful bioinformatics software, enable you to better understand and track primary tumor drivers and tumor heterogeneity using research blood samples in a simple and comprehensive workflow.

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Infectious diseases research

 Infectious disease research

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has transformed microbiology and infectious disease research.

The Ion GeneStudio S5 Systems enable sequencing of whole bacterial genomes from isolates, or the direct sequencing of specific viral, bacterial, or fungal genes (e.g., 16S genes or antibiotic resistance genes) from biological samples without the need for culturing. Furthermore, with the speed of semiconductor sequencing, you can get your results in as little as 24 hours. Find out how you can start sequencing infectious microbes quickly and easily with NGS.

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