Reagents, assays, consumables, and software for use with the Ion GeneStudio S5 System.

Reagents & assays

Calibration standards and controls

Ion quality controls

Acrometrix controls

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Acrometrix® Oncology Hotspot Control


3 x 25 µL


AcroMetrix Hotspot Frequency Ladder-L



6 preps

Standard library kits

Ion barcoding kits

Ion AmpliSeq kits

Targeted resequencing - exome

Ion 16S solutions

Ion AmpliSeq HD panels

Ion AmpliSeq on-demand panels

Ion AmpliSeq community panels



Ion AmpliSeq Hearing loss panel


2064 primer pairs to assay 63 genes

Ion AmpliSeq AML panel


264 amplicons to assay 21 genes

Ion AmpliSeq Noonan Panel


269 amplicons to assay 14 genes

Ion AmpliSeq Dermatology research panel


4818 amplicons to assay 214 genes

Ion AmpliSeq Deafness research panel


3403 amplicons to assay 124 genes

Ion AmpliSeq Dysmorphia-Dysplasia Research Panel


8949 amplicons to assay 389 genes

Ion AmpliSeq Endocrinal Panel


5618 amplicons to assay 310 genes

Ion AmpliSeq Gastrointestinal Research Panel


3917 amplicons to assay 189 genes

Ion AmpliSeq Inborn Errors of Metabolism Research Panel


9248 amplicons to assay 570 genes

Ion AmpliSeq Primary Immuno Deficiency Research Panel


5109 amplicons to assay 266 genes

Ion AmpliSeq Pulmonary Research Panel


3359 amplicons to assay 130 genes

Ion AmpliSeq Renal Research Panel


2607 amplicons to assay 330 genes

Ion AmpliSeq TB Research Panel


109 amplicons to assay 8 genes

Ion AmpliSeq Ebola Research Panel


150 amplicons to assay Ebola genome

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) (July 2018)


815 amplicons

Pan bacterial (July 2018)


1009 amplicons

HID panels

Oncomine tumor-specific core panels

RNA-Seq: transcriptome/RNA-Seq

Oncomine breast cancer

Liquid biopsy (cell-free DNA)


Oncomine Comprehensive Assay v3

Oncomine Comprehensive Assay Plus

Oncomine Focus Assay

Oncomine Myeloid Assay

Oncomine Childhood Cancer Research Assay

Oncomine Tumor Mutational Load Assay

Preimplantation genetic testing

Expanded carrier screening

Ion AmpliSeq SARS-CoV-2

BCR and TCR assays


For use with all S5 or S5 XL sequencing workflows


Ion Torrent servers

Ion Torrent storage