Choose your surface

Our black and white immuno breakable modules, standard modules, and plates are available with PolySorp™, Medisorp™, MaxiSorp™, and MultiSorp™ Surfaces. They will assist you in the selection of passive surfaces to help ensure fluorescence and luminescence assays are easy to handle.

Popular luminescent and fluorescent assay products

White and Black Immuno Plates

Conduct fluorescence- and luminescence-based immunoassays and binding assays using Thermo Scientific™ Immuno Standard Modules (white and black).

Solid phase guide

Whatever the format chosen, there are a number of choices to be made about the best type of surface for the application. The choice will depend on the assay component to be immobilized. Our Solid Phase Guide is an introduction to solid phase techniques, including:

  • Solid Phase formats and surfaces
  • Parameters affection coating
  • Assay conditions for ELISA
  • Immobilization of DNA

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