Microplate formats

Understand your options

Our microplates come in a variety of formats, colors, and well designs. The information below can help you understand which type of plate is best for your applications. 




Solid plates in multiple well numbers for regular and high-throughput assays

  • 96-well
  • 384-well

Non-breakable strips:

Strips of wells that can be added to and removed from frames

  • 8-well
  • 12-well
  • 16-well

Breakable strips:

Provide flexibility with sample size—break strips down to single wells

  • 8-well
  • 12-well
  • 16-well


  • Clear—use with colorimetric assays
  • White—use with bio- and chemi-luminescence assays 
  • Black—use with fluorescence assays

Well shape

Flat bottom (F-well)—Allows maximum transmission of light. These plates can be read on a monochromatic reader.

Round bottom (U-well)—Optimizes washing and coating. These plates can be read using a dual-wavelength reader.

”C” bottom (C-well)—A combination of both flat and round bottoms. It is a flat bottomed well with curved edges at the bottom. These plates also can be read using a monochromatic reader, combining optimal reading and washing.

StarWell—These wells have a modified “C” shape geometry with eight fins strategically placed at the bottom. This feature increases surface area, allowing more molecules to become immobilized, which reduces incubation times.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.