Welcome! At PiRL we are committed to providing specialists with the highest quality, most up-to-date allergy tests available. We provide a menu of options - ImmunoCAP allergen component testing, Immuno Solid-phase Allergen Chip (ISAC), Phadiatop, food mixes, Specific-IgE (sIgE), Alpha-Galactosidase (Alpha-gal), customized allergens, as well as an Investigator Studies Program. We offer customized reports and timely service to our customers as well as added value, by providing clinical expertise and world-class diagnostic assays.

PiRL is operated by Thermo Fisher Scientific. We are the inventors of ImmunoCAP® Allergen Components.

This menu of cutting-edge assays is designed to help you and your allergy specialist colleagues extend your efforts beyond current boundaries utilizing innovative diagnostic testing technology. Now available are ImmunoCAP® Allergen Component tests for IgE antibodies using purified native or recombinant proteins to identify and quantify the levels of IgE antibodies at the molecular level. We also offer ImmunoCAP® ISAC®, a miniaturized immunoassay platform that allows for simultaneous measurement of specific IgE or IgG4 antibodies to 112 different allergen components, using only 30μL of serum or plasma.

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The science behind ImmunoCAP® Allergen Components

ImmunoCAP provides novel assays to help specialist clinicians and researchers target their diagnosis of allergic disease:

    1. ImmunoCAP® Allergen Components
    2. ImmunoCAP ISAC® (Immuno Solid-phase Allergen Chip)

Both of these are laboratory-developed tests available to specialists only through PiRL.

Taking the molecular view of allergens

ImmunoCAP Allergen Components enable the measurement of specific antibodies to the purified antigenic protein components in an allergenic source. The measurement of antibodies to purified allergenic components allows a level of specificity in detection never before seen. The widely available ImmunoCAP Whole Allergen specific IgE (slgE) testing while providing precise, accurate, and valuable information about a patient's sensitization to the whole allergen, does not always tell the complete story. By digging deeper into the patient’s sensitization profile, through the use of the appropriate ImmunoCAP Allergen Components, one can often gather valuable information that may aid in the identification of primary sensitization vs. cross reactivity for example. The profile of a patient’s component sensitization pattern, as well as the level of IgE detected, may also provide clues as to the risk of systemic reaction upon exposure in the sensitized individual.


ImmunoCAP Allergen Components

ImmunoCAP Allergen Component tests for IgE antibodies use purified native or recombinant proteins to identify and quantify the levels of IgE antibodies. These assays offer the unique opportunity to assess a person's allergic sensitization pattern. Different component groups often elicit different types of reactions, so testing them may indicate if a patient's prior symptoms or positive test results were caused by allergy to a given substance or by a cross-reaction with another allergen. Component testing also helps the clinician weigh a patient's risk of a systemic reaction versus a more mild or localized response.

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ImmunoCAP ISAC®: Immuno Solid-phase Allergen Chip

The most advanced diagnostic technology—and one of the most exciting—is ImmunoCAP® ISAC®, a multiarray technology package designed for the assessment of patient-specific IgE and IgG antibody levels. Using just a small blood sample, ISAC produces semi-quantitative results using both purified native and recombinant components, representing a wide spectrum of whole allergen source material. This profile will produce unique patterns for every sensitized patient.

ImmunoCAP® ISAC® is a miniaturized immunoassay platform that allows for the simultaneous measurement of specific IgE or IgG4 antibodies to 112 different allergen components, using only 30μL of serum or plasma. Capillary blood sampling may also be used, thus enabling a less invasive blood collection procedure for testing young children. Molecular allergen components are immobilized on a solid support (biochip) and in a two-step assay, antibodies from the patient's sample bind to the immobilized allergen components; and after a washing step, component-bound antibodies are detected by a fluorescence-labeled antibody conjugate. ImmunoCAP® ISAC® is a semi-quantitative test and results are reported in ISAC Standardized Units (ISU).

ImmunoCAP ISAC® offers:

  • Specific IgE and IgG4measurements for allergen component sensitivities from nearly 50different whole allergen sources, allowing for semi-quantitative results for 112 allergen components.
  • Component resolved diagnostics using only purified natural or recombinant allergen components.
  • ImmunoCAP ISAC Xplain, the first interpretation support system on the market for molecular allergy diagnostics.

How to order tests from PiRL

Step 1: Complete Customer Account Initiation Form

To begin ordering lab tests through PiRL, please fill out the Customer Account Initiation Form and mail, fax or email it to the PiRL Customer Service Department. Once the form is received and processed, your customer starter kit will be sent to you within 2 weeks.

Key information that you will need to collect includes the following:

  • Name of your hospital or clinic
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Step 2: Select the appropriate tests

Refer to the Product Catalog for a listing of the ImmunoCAP allergen component packages.

Step 3: Complete all forms

Download, print, and fill out the Testing Requisition Form (or fill out the requisition form provided in the starter kit) and submit one form for each patient sample shipped.

Step 4: Package and ship the specimen

Refer to Sample Processing for packaging and shipping details.

HIPAA: PiRL is committed to compliance with HIPAA and its regulations. All protected health information (PHI) provided to PiRL shall be treated as confidential. Under federal law, Phadia may release lab results only to the ordering physician or other healthcare provider responsible for the patient's care, and not to third parties, including the patient.

Investigator Studies Program

Statement of Purpose

To advance the understanding of the clinical utility and health economic benefits of specific IgE testing across numerous disease states. Our goal is to support investigators with diagnostic tests and testing services to further understanding in area in interest.

Areas of Interest

Health Economics

  • Economic Value of Immunodiagnostics
  • Clinical Value of Immunodiagnostics

Specific IgE

  • Asthma
  • Allergic Rhinitis
  • Food Allergy
  • ISAC Microarray

Support Tools

  • Testing reagents
  • Laboratory services
  • Potential funding support

Come Partner with Us

  • Call or email customer service if interested in submitting an application
  • Submission will be reviewed by ImmunoDiagnostics' clinical approval board
  • Expect a response within 6 weeks

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