Uniquely designed as a complete, cost effective solution for clinical laboratory testing, the Thermo Scientific Indiko and Indiko Plus are fully-automated, random-access bench top analyzers for labs of any size. These easy-to-use, compact analyzer platforms are trusted by over 5,000 customers worldwide. We offer a wide variety of reagents, calibrators and controls for the Indiko systems, eliminating the need for in-house laboratory validation.


Fits into any lab environment and still handles up to 300,000 tests per year


Equipped with durable components for a system family average of < 1 service visit per year


Validated, traceable and backed by 50+ years of experience

Follow the Cup: A Complete Automated Drugs of Abuse Testing Process

Automated drug testing is easier than one might initially think. Watch our video to learn more about the Thermo Scientific Complete Automated Drugs of Abuse Testing Solution and how it can fit the needs of your drug testing program.

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Implementing Automated Drug Testing Strategies for Better Outcomes

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