Simplifying controls for oncology with AcroMetrix products

As oncology testing expands, laboratories are challenged with finding highly characterized, standardized and reproducible quality control materials to support validation or verification of new assays. AcroMetrix control products for oncology testing aid laboratories in meeting quality and regulatory requirements, while supporting the goal of standardization in molecular testing by establishing traceable, consistent, accurate, and meaningful test results. 

AcroMetrix products for oncology testing

Solid tumor controls

Highly multiplexed quality control to assess performance of next-generation sequencing (NGS) assays that detect somatic mutations.

Solid tumor validation panels

NGS validation ladder featuring 555 hotspots representative across various cancers at varying tumor burden levels. For use in analytical validation of various oncology NGS assays.

Liquid biopsy

Platform-agnostic reference material to help standardize ctDNA research endeavors.

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Quality Controls

Verification & validation panels

CE marked in accordance with Requirements of European Regulation (EU) 2017/746. 

Not all products are CE marked or have 510(k) clearance for sales in the U.S.

Availability of products in each country depends on local regulatory marketing authorization status.

IVD = In-Vitro Diagnostic

RUO = Research Use Only