The connected lab

The Thermo Fisher Connect Platform accelerates your science by transforming the way you work in your lab. When instruments, equipment, and systems work seamlessly with secure and true connectivity, your lab’s productivity is maximized – and you’re ready to focus on your next breakthrough. Explore other digital solutions that can help boost your digital transformation.

Wireless monitoring systems

State-of-the art Thermo Scientific Wireless Monitoring Solutions provide a secure and convenient way to revolutionize your lab. We understand your research is priceless, and so is the peace of mind you will have when you connect with our wireless monitoring solutions.

Connected equipment

Your assets gain functionality: With connected equipment, remote monitoring of telemetry data provides you with better insights into equipment health and availability. It can also help prevent costly delays that may slow research and enables you to proactively stay ahead of unexpected outages.

Connected instruments

Accelerate your science:  Once connected to the platform, you can schedule and monitor your instrument to see real-time experiment updates and data analysis, all from a single dashboard on your mobile and computer.

Thermo Fisher Connect Platform apps

Derive insights from all your analytical data, regardless of origin or original format. Use primary and secondary Connect Platform analysis applications including real-time qPCR, next-generation or Sanger CE sequencing, mass spectrometry, and more. Connect Platform apps can combine hundreds of experiments into one project, so you can quickly analyze even large data sets.