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Respiratory Pathogen Detection Solution
With 42 verified pathogen targets, our solution features the most markers of any respiratory infection test on the market.


Urinary Tract Pathogen Detection Solution
Our new real-time PCR UTM solution enables rapid detection of pathogens associated with urinary tract infections in under five hours.


Vaginal Microbiota Detection Solution
Our solution has the widest range of both commensal and pathogenic microbial targets compared to other commercially available molecular solutions.


Antibiotic Resistance TaqMan Assays
View the complete list of TaqMan Assays for antibiotic resistance (ABR) genes and explore our flexible ordering formats.


Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System
Combining flexible throughput capabilities with a streamlined workflow, this instrument takes you from targeted discovery through confirmation and screening, all on a single platform.


Clinical Genomics
Uniquely diverse portfolio of genomic solutions focused on oncology, infectious disease, reproductive health, inherited disease, and other clinical research tests.


Analytical Validation Services
Our analytical validation service helps labs complete their validation process faster than the average in-house alternatives to ensure your lab is up and running quickly.