Stabilize retention time with precise thermostatting

Stabilize retention time with precise thermostatting

Whether you have simple or complex method requirements, Thermo Scientific Vanquish and UltiMate 3000 HPLC/UHPLC system column compartments ensure accurate and precise temperature control for your columns, as well as for optional valves for 2D-LC or application switching.

LC column compartments

Column Compartment


Vanquish Column Compartment H Control separations with more confidence using an entirely new and unique combination of active or passive eluent preheating and advanced column thermostatting.
UltiMate 3000 TCC-3000SD Standard Thermostatted Column Compartments Ensure accurate and precise temperature control from 5° to 80°C for your standard flow rate applications. Optional valves enable 2D-LC or application switching.
UltiMate 3000 TCC-3000RS Rapid Separation Thermostatted Column Compartment Optimize column selection for method development and ensure accurate and precise temperature control for your existing methods all the way to 110°C.
UltiMate 3000 ACC-3000 Autosampler Column Compartments Save money and space with this autosampler with integrated column compartment which supports conventional HPLC and UHPLC at backpressures up to 62MPa.
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Using Vanquish to Control Column Temperature

Evert-Jan Sneekes, HPLC Strategic Marketing Manager, helps us understand how we can use Vanquish to control column temperature.

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