Viper Fittings

Fingertight zero-dead volume fittings

Looking to make perfect LC connections without any extra tools? Use Thermo Scientific Viper and nanoViper Fingertight Fittings throughout the entire fluidic pathway of your LC system.

Viper and nanoViper connections allow you to quickly connect LC modules, valves, and columns for leak-free connections that improve chromatographic results by minimizing dead volume. Viper and nanoViper fittings require no tools for installation, and combine simplicity with high performance.

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Viper UHPLC fittings

Viper fingertight fittings seal at the tip of the tubing, virtually eliminating dead volumes and making it easier to plumb your HPLC or UHPLC system without any tools for reproducible leak-free connections to pressures up to 1500 bar.

Reusable and available in stainless steel (SST), PEEK and a biocompatible alloy (MP35N).

Find specific fittings and capillaries or purchase complete solution kits for your HPLC and UHPLC system or applications

nanoViper LC fittings

Avoid data-destroying dead volumes in the capillary connections of your nano LC system. Get consistently perfect connections for robust chromatography with nanoViper fingertight fittings.

Reusable nanoViper fittings consist of PEEK-shielded fused silica tubing and a fingertight sealing fitting.

Find specific fittings and capillaries or purchase complete solution kits for your nano LC system or applications:

Overview of Viper fingertight fitting system

Stainless Steel

Connection principle

Fingertight fitting

Tubing type

stainless steel
Shielded fused silica + PEEK

Wetted material

PEEK, SST PEEK PEEK, MP35N PEEK, fused silica

Maximum pressure

1310 bar 345 bar 1500 bar 1200 bar

Maximum temperature

120°C 30°C 120°C 120°C

Viper nut threading

Compatible with 10-32 threaded ports

Outer diameter

0.79mm (1/32")

Inner diameter (ID)

100µm (0.004")
130µm (0.005")
180µm (0.007")
65µm (0.0025")
90µm (0.0035")
130µm (0.005")
100µm (0.004")
130µm (0.005")
180µm (0.007")
10µm (0.0004")
20µm (0.0008")
50µm (0.0020")
75µm (0.0030")
100µm (0.004")
150µm (0.006")

Available lengths

65mm to 950mm 65mm to 850mm 65mm to 950mm 70mm to 1100mm
*customizable lengths

Fittings kits

Order all of the fittings and capillaries for your application in a single kit.
These kits contain all the components to effortlessly plumb your
system from start to finish.
UHPLC Fittings Kits
nano LC Fittings Kits
= Not applicable = Poor = Good = Better = Best

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