Which software should I choose?

Thermo Scientific Chromeleon Chromatography Data System (CDS) has best-in-class performance and usability in both workstation and enterprise environments and unlocks the full potential of your Thermo Scientific HPLC system. It can control a variety of systems, including Thermo Scientific HPLC, UHPLC and mass spectrometry (MS) systems and those from other manufacturers.


HPLC and UHPLC software options


Chromeleon CDS

Standard Instrument

Integration (SII)

Aria MX

(SII can be used with a compliant CDS)  

Workstation to enterprise

Easy to learn

Multichannel HPLC and UHPLC
    Up to 4 channels
Compatible with third-party CDS software


For applications that require multichannel LC capabilities, we offer Thermo Scientific Aria MX software, which can control up to four independent flow paths concurrently. 


Additionally, if you cannot change your current CDS software, our Standard Instrument Integration (SII) allows you to control Thermo Scientific HPLC and UHPLC systems using software other than Chromeleon CDS.

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Chromeleon CDS

A CDS is vital for efficient, reliable, and compliant handling of your chromatographic and MS data, managing all of the analytical processes from instrument control to raw data storage and processing, right through to generating the final results.  Chromeleon CDS is designed to be easy to use and delivers a host of productivity tools minimizing training time and driving increased lab efficiency. It also provides a resilient client-server architecture with industry-leading network failure protection to ensure data security and deliver uninterrupted operation.

Chromeleon CDS unlocks the full features and capabilities of your Thermo Scientific HPLC system, ensuring each instrument operates to its full potential. For example, the system diagnostics and health checks for the Vanquish Core HPLC system are available only when using Chromeleon CDS.


From routine quality testing to constantly changing research methods and anything in between, Chromeleon CDS streamlines your entire workflow, delivering better results, faster.

Standard Instrument Integration (SII)

Thermo Scientific Standard Instrument Integration (SII) allows you to control Thermo Scientific HPLC and UHPLC systems using software other than Chromeleon CDS, without changing your application. 


SII is a straightforward plugin for third party software, leveraging the power of Chromeleon CDS to provide instrument control and an instrument method editor. SII can be easily integrated into a third-party CDS software enabling full control of the instrument and seamless data acquisition by the main software while maintaining compliance. The software is responsible for saving injection data, sequences, user management, and other functions.


Several SII packages are available to connect Thermo Scientific HPLC systems to other common CDS and MS software packages. These include SII for Xcalibur, SII for Empower™ software, and SII for OpenLab™.


Should you choose to switch from your current CDS to Chromeleon CDS in the future, familiarity with the instrument control modules in Chromeleon software will reduce operator training and errors.

Aria MX

Your choice for maximum multichannel LC optimization

Thermo Scientific Aria MX software, manages all aspects of the multichannel LC system controlling systems consisting of up to 8 pumps, 2 autosamplers and 4 independent flow paths for maximum throughput. Aria MX software manages multiple methods on multiple channels simultaneously even across multiple sequences, so that only the area of interest in a chromatogram is sent to the mass spectrometer (MS). This maximizes MS utilization by collecting only useful data, and maximizes sample throughput.

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