Vanquish Duo UHPLC Systems for Dual LC-MS

Double the throughput of any LC-MS analysis or run two LC-MS applications simultaneously using the Thermo Scientific Vanquish Duo UHPLC Systems for Dual LC-MS. These systems use two individual flow paths that include two pumps, two injectors, and two columns. They feature unique multichannel technology to use two separate LC channels to maximize the use of a single mass spectrometer to increase throughput. Thermo Scientific Aria MX software, featuring an intuitive graphical interface, makes method setup easy and schedules all aspects of the Vanquish Duo for Dual LC-MS system, including scheduling and management for multiple methods on the available two channels, simultaneously.


Flexibility for increased throughput

The Vanquish Duo UHPLC Systems for Dual LC-MS offers two independent flow paths connected to a single mass spectrometer, so two analyses using different eluents and columns, or two identical analyses can be run simultaneously on a single instrument, maximizing throughput and revenue generation.

Bench space savings

As the most compact multichannel LC available, the Vanquish Duo UHPLC Systems for Dual LC-MS let you maximize the use of your mass spectrometer without sacrificing bench space.

Biocompatible, easy and reliable tool-free connections

The fluidic pathways of the Vanquish Duo UHPLC Systems for Dual LC-MS are fully biocompatible and fitted with Thermo Scientific Viper fingertight fittings, which support near-zero dead volume connections and enable sharper peaks and tool-free setup.

Easy setup and system control

Thermo Scientific Aria MX software manages and controls pump operation, valve switching, cleaning, and gradients. Quickly develop methods and run batches of samples while managing multiple LC-MS methods on multiple channels simultaneously. Aria MX software is compatible with Thermo Scientific XCalibur or TraceFinder software.

What is dual LC-MS?

Our dual LC-MS system allows you to run two of the same or two different applications simultaneously using one mass spectrometer. Two channels run staggered LC-MS analyses, ensuring the mass spectrometer is never idle. The diagram below illustrates the resulting MS signal when running two different applications on the Vanquish Duo for Dual LC-MS.

Maximize MS utilization by using two channels with intelligent scheduling to run the second analysis during column reconditioning.


System specifications

The table below provides an overview of the Vanquish Duo UHPLC System for Dual LC-MS specifications for a standard setup. Not all specifications are listed. Your specifications may differ based on the components of your system. Find the specification sheets for the system components in the Component specifications, below.

Category Vanquish Duo UHPLC System for Dual LC-MS
System pressure, maximum 1000 or 1500 bar, depends on system configuration
Flow range 0-5 or 0-8 mL/min, depends on pumps selected
Pump options (default gradient delay volume) Binary (35 or 100 µL)
Biocompatible Yes
pH range 2–12, chloride concentration up to 1 mol/L
System design Modular
Touchscreen user interface display compatible (optional) Yes, depends on system configuration
Solvent monitoring system compatible (optional) No
Customizable gradient delay volume to simplify method transfer Not applicable
SmartInject technology for maximum injection precision and improved column lifetime Yes
Injection volume range

Standard: 0.01-25 µL

Optional: 0.01-100 µL

Sample cooling Yes, 4-40°C 

Sample capacity (standard)

Based on standard 12 mm OD vials (≤ 1.5 mL)

4 racks of 54 vials (≤ 1.5mL) each, other rack formats available
+ capacity of 12 x 22.5 mm OD vials (≤ 10 mL) in the carousel
Sampler extension available Yes, with Vanquish Charger
Column compartment thermostatting

Yes, 5-120°C

Still air and forced air

 Column compartment pre-heater 

Active and passive


Column compartment post-column cooler Yes
Detector choices Mass Spectrometer

Component specifications

Standard Vanquish Duo HPLC and UHPLC systems for Dual LC are made up of the following components with detail available below.

  Vanquish Horizon Duo UHPLC System for Dual LC-MS Vanquish Flex Duo UHPLC System for Dual LC-MS



Download Specification Sheet

Vanquish Binary Pump H Vanquish Binary Pump F



Download Specification Sheet

Vanquish Dual Split Sampler HT
Vanquish Dual Split Sampler FT

Extended sample capacity (optional)


Download Specification Sheet

Vanquish Charger


Column compartment


Download Specification Sheet

Vanquish Column Compartment H

Virtually zero dead volume system connections


Download Specification Sheet

Viper UHPLC Fittings Kits



1 mass spectrometer

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