Meat Testing

Your high-value, short shelf-life life products such as raw beef require rapid that don't compromise accuracy. No one can afford to wait for results when every second adds cost but risk of getting it wrong could put consumers at risk and damage your reputation.

At Thermo Fisher we’ve got you covered. Our range includes complete rapid and validated PCR workflows for the Big 6 STEC, Salmonella species and other key pathogens as well as the more traditional tried and tested culture-based methods.

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Culture Media Preparation & Sample Handling

Maximize your efficiency with ready-to-use plates and bottles; streamline your workflow with Thermo Scientific™ Bagged Enrichment Media or select from a wide range of dehydrated formulations for your own media production.

Pathogen Detection

Detect bacterial foodborne pathogens, including the Big 6 STEC and Salmonella species, with a broad choice of methods from traditional, selective, and differential agar media to rapid, real-time PCR assays validated for raw beef and produce with protocols taking a little as 9 hours to deliver an actionable result.

Quality Indicator Testing

Quantify food quality indicator organisms, spoilage organisms, technological microflora, and bacterial foodborne pathogens with a wide range of methods of traditional, selective, and differential media.

Bacterial Identification & Confirmation

Differentiate and confirm microorganisms for food safety and quality testing with a range of confirmation and identification products.

Food Authenticity

Check your ingredients and finished product authenticity to protect your business against food fraud with a range of real-time PCR assays and next generation screening options.

Environmental Monitoring

Products designed to provide you with easy packaging and surface testing options, enabling you to implement corrective actions to prevent contamination of processed foods.