Our LanthaScreen kinase activity assay toolbox of "mix and match" assay reagents is designed to enable rapid assay configuration. Our portfolio of phospho-specific antibodies, matched fluorescent peptide substrates and in-house produced kinases have been tested in >200 different kinase assays to date.

Phospho-specific Antibodies with Peptide Substrates

To facilitate in-house kinase assay configuration and screening, we have developed a selection of Tb-labeled phospho-specific antibodies, which may be accessed in small scale and screening quantities.  Matched and validated substrates are available for kinase assay configuration.

These antibodies may also be available with Europium labels, contact us at discoverysciences@invitrogen.com, for more information.

Tyrosine Kinase Assays

SKUProduct CatalogSize
PV5692LanthaScreen Eu-PY20 Antibody Kit25 μg
PV5696LanthaScreen Eu-PY20 Antibody Kit1 mg
PV5693Alexa Fluor 647-Poly GT
1 nmol
PV5836Alexa Fluor 647-Poly GT10 nmol
PV3552LanthaScreen Tb-PY20 Antibody Kit25 μg
PV3553LanthaScreen Tb-PY20 Antibody Kit1 mg
PV3610Fluorescein-Poly GT, 30 μM1 mL
PV3611Fluorescein-Poly GAT, 30 μM1 mL

Serine/Threonine Kinase Assays

SKUProduct CatalogSize
PV3560LanthaScreen Tb-pSer (PKC) Antibody Kit25 μg
PV3561LanthaScreen Tb-pSer (PKC) Antibody Kit1 mg
PV3506Fluorescein-PKC Substrate1 mg
PV3562LanthaScreen Tb-IKBa [pSer32] Antibody Kit2 5μg
PV3563LanthaScreen Tb-IKBa [pSer32] Antibody Kit1 mg
PV3507Fluorescein-IKK substrate1 mg
PV3564LanthaScreen Tb-pCrosstide Antibody Kit25 μg
PV3565LanthaScreen Tb-pCrosstide Antibody Kit1 mg
PV3509Fluorescein-Crosstide Substrate1 mg
PV3542LanthaScreen Tb-CREB pSer133 Antibody
25 μg
PV3508Fluorescein-CREBtide Substrate, 1 mg/mL1 mg
PV4899LanthaScreen Tb-pERM (pLRRKtide) Antibody Kit25 μg
PV4900LanthaScreen Tb-pERM (pLRRKtide) Antibody Kit1 mg
PV4901Fluorescein-ERM (LRRKtide) Substrate1 mg
PV5130LanthaScreen Tb-anti-phospho-p53 [pSer15] Antibody Kit25 μg
PV5131LanthaScreen Tb-anti-phospho-p53 [pSer15] Antibody Kit1 mg
PV5132Fluorescein-p53 [Ser15] Substrate1 mg

Phospho-specific Antibodies with Physiological Protein Substrates

As an extension to our peptide-based substrates for LanthaScreen® kinase activity assays, we now offer physiological protein substrates that are directly labeled with a green fluorescent protein (GFP) acceptor fluorophore. Pairing the GFP-labeled substrate with a corresponding terbium (Tb)-labeled phosphospecific antibody allows detection of the phosphorylated product.

Ordering Information

SKUProduct CatalogSize
PV4451LanthaScreen Tb-ATF2 [pSer71] Antibody Kit25 μg
PV4452LanthaScreen Tb-ATF2 [pSer71] Antibody Kit1 mg
PV4445GFP-ATF2 (19-96)20 nmol
PV4453LanthaScreen Tb-c-Jun [pSer73] Antibody Kit25 μg
PV4454LanthaScreen Tb-c-Jun [pSer73] Antibody Kit1 mg
PV4446GFP-c-jun (1-179)20 nmol
PV4757LanthaScreen Tb-4E-BP1 [pThr46] Antibody Kit25 μg
PV4758LanthaScreen Tb-4E-BP1 (pThr46) Antibody Kit1 mg
PV4759GFP-4E-BP120 nmol
PV4810LanthaScreen Tb-eIF2a [pSer52] Antibody Kit25 μg
PV4811LanthaScreen Tb-eIF2a [pSer52] Antibody Kit1 mg
PV4809GFP-eIF2a20 nmol
PV4813LanthaScreen Tb-MAP2K1 [pSer217/221] Antibody Kit25 μg
PV4814LanthaScreen Tb-MAP2K1 [pSer217/221] Antibody Kit1 mg
PV4812Fluorescein-MEK120 nmol
PV4844LanthaScreen Tb-anti-STAT1 [pTyr701] Antibody Kit25 μg
PV4845LanthaScreen Tb-anti-STAT1 [pTyr701] Antibody Kit1 mg
PV5211GFP-STAT120 nmol
PV4846LanthaScreen Tb-STAT3 [pTyr705] Antibody Kit25 μg
PV4847LanthaScreen Tb-STAT3 [pTyr705] Antibody Kit1 mg
PV5212GFP-STAT320 nmol

Buffers and Other Supplemental Assay Reagents

To complete our offering of antibodies and substrates for the development of TR-FRET kinase assays, we offer a selection of validated kinase buffers and other assay reagents.

Ordering Information

SKUProduct CatalogSize
PV3574TR-FRET Dilution Buffer100 mL
PV31895X Kinase Buffer A4  mL
PV51255X Kinase Buffer Q4 mL
PV51015X Kinase Buffer R4 mL
PV52135X Kinase Buffer S4 mL
PV47941X mTOR Assay Buffer20 mL
P2825Kinase Quench Buffer1 mL
PV322710 mM ATP500 μL
P23251M DTT1 mL

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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