Flexible tools for TR-FRET assay development:

  • Choose from Europium or Terbium donor chelate labels 
  • Obtain labeled anti-species, anti-epitope and streptavidin for your assay development project
  • Comparable performance to other available TR-FRET tools
  • Label your own molecules or let us do it for you

Whether you are routinely running assays in-house to support discovery programs, or need generic reagents to quickly build new TR-FRET assays, our portfolio of LanthaScreen reagents can enable your assay development program. Our LanthaScreen toolbox offers a collection of Terbium and Europium reagents for a true 'mix and match' experience.  Our Europium labeled antibodies are not only compatible with fluorophores from Life Technologies (such as Alexa Fluor 633 and 647), but are compatible with other red fluorophores such as CyDyes and ULight dyes.

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LanthaScreen anti-Epitope Tag Antibodies

Epitope tags facilitate the purification of proteins for use in many applications.  Such tags can also be used to indirectly label proteins through the use of LanthaScreen anti-epitope tag antibodies.  

Indirect labeling of a protein through the use of an anti-epitope tag antibody can be advantageous when working with partially purified protein, or in cases in which the direct labeling of the protein would negatively impact protein activity.  

Our products are available as kits or stand alone antibodies.  Trial kits contain 100mL of TR-FRET dilution buffer (PV3574), which is recommended for antibody dilution, and a positive control peptide for the antibody when available.  Europium antibodies are compatible with fluorophores purchased from Life Technologies or other suppliers including but not limited to Alexa Fluor 647, Cy3, Cy5, and ULight dyes. Terbium antibodies are compatible with fluorescein or GFP.

Ordering Information

ProductLabelTrial Pack
LanthaScreen Eu-anti-DYKDDDDKEuropiumPV6034
 PV6026 PV6027
LanthaScreen Eu-anti-GSTEuropium  PV5594 PV5595
LanthaScreen Eu -anti-His
Europium  PV5596 PV5597
LanthaScreen Eu-anti-GFPEuropiumA14173A14190 
LanthaScreen Tb-anti-GSTTerbium  PV3550 PV3551
LanthaScreen Elite Tb-anti-His
Terbium  PV5863 PV5895
LanthaScreen Tb-anti-GFP
Terbium A13391A13392

LanthaScreen Secondary Antibodies

Our secondary anti-species antibodies bind to their corresponding species IgG with low nanomolar apparent Kds, and show negligible cross-reactivity with other species. These antibodies can be used to rapidly develop assays when an anti-target antibody is already available.  The labeled anti-species antibody will bind to the anti-target IgG completing the TR-FRET pair for easy assay development.

Our products are available as kits or stand alone antibodies.  Kits contain a positive control peptide for the antibody, and 100 mL of TR-FRET dilution buffer (PV3574) as a dilutent for the antibody during biochemical assay development.

Ordering Information

ProductLabelTrial kit (25ug)25ug Ab only1mg Ab only
LanthaScreen Tb-anti-GoatTerbium PV3769 PV3770 PV3772
LanthaScreen Tb-anti-MouseTerbium PV3765 PV3766 PV3768
LanthaScreen Tb-anti-RabbitTerbium PV3773 PV3774 PV3776

LanthaScreen Streptavidin and Biotin

Streptavidin and anti-Biotin antibody are reagents that can be used to easily label biotinylated biomolecules with lanthanide chelate for use in TR-FRET assays.  Although the chelate donor can be directly attached to a biomolecule, these reagents offer a means to quickly mediate this association.

Our products are available as kits or stand alone antibodies.  Trial kits contain 100mL of TR-FRET dilution buffer (PV3574), which is recommended for dilution, and a positive control peptide.

Ordering Information

ProductLabelTrial kit (10ug)Trial kit (50ug)50ug Streptavidin only1mg Streptavidin only
LanthaScreen Eu-StreptavidinEuropiumPV6030 PV5899PV6025
LanthaScreen Tb-StreptavidinTerbium PV3965PV3965PV3966


ProductLabelTrial kit (5ug)Trial kit (25ug)25ug Ab only1mg Ab only
LanthaScreen Eu-anti-BiotinEuropiumPV6033 PV5901PV5900
LanthaScreen Tb-anti-BiotinTerbium PV4749PV4745PV4746

LanthaScreen Reactive Chelate Labeling

Life Technologies offers do-it-yourself reagents or a custom service for labeling of your antibody or protein of interest.  Reagents include amine-reactive, isothiocyanate-functionalized LanthaScreen chelates and thiol-reactive, maleimide-functionalized LanthaScreen terbium chelates for development of TR-FRET assays in-house.  Europium chelate reagents are available on a custom basis.

Alternatively, we can custom label your antibody (or other protein) with either a europium or terbium chelate.  Let us know what antibody you would like us to label (vendor information) or supply antibody in a buffer without carrier protein (i.e. BSA), and we will label it for you.  
To learn more about custom labeling and gain access, submit an online inquiry

Ordering Information

ProductLabel10ug size100 ug size1 mg size
LanthaScreen Amine-reactive Tb ChelateTerbiumPV3583PV3582PV3581
LanthaScreen Thiol-reactive Tb ChelateTerbiumPV3580PV3579PV3578

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.